The water in the lake, which is located in the crater of the volcano Batur suddenly changed color


19/06/2011 Residents of the village near Lake Batur, Bali saw a worrying picture: the water of the lake has become milky-blue tint, causing the death of fauna inhabiting it.

This led to more than a concern for local residents, farmers engaged in fish farming. They had taken all possible efforts to save survivor fish and place it in containers on the beach.

Local authorities said that the investigation will be conducted immediately. The fish was sent to the laboratory for analysis and determination of cause of death.

The most likely pre-release version of the local population — the release of gas from the Batur volcano, the crater of which is located directly below the reservoir.

Local residents recall that several years ago a similar case has already taken place. True, it was not so serious. Now, local farmers are losing billions of rupees (local currency).

The authorities have assured that the activity of the volcano was a constant one, that is, the cause of this phenomenon, he could not.

Over the past 200 years, the volcano Batur blew almost three hundred times. The last eruption recorded about 50 years ago.

We can only follow the further development of events in Bali and enjoy the fact that our latitude have active volcanoes. So you can relax and do chores pressing. For example, to obtain such a thing as an indispensable plastic windows. Installing them in an apartment you can stop worrying for the appearance and comfort of their homes.

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