The White House has refused to build the Death Star

Well, fans of Lucas' space saga "Star wars"And waited for a response from the White House. The administration of President reported that does not intend to build a space station, which is known to the world by the name of: "Death Star", and on it there are good reasons …

The U.S. authorities have announced that they will not create a "Death Star" from the movie "Star Wars" because of its high cost and vulnerability. This was the answer to one of the most popular petitions on the site We the People. In Russia, the mechanism became known after the site has a petition calling to ban the Russian Duma deputies from entering the U.S..

By law, the White House has to give a detailed response to the petition, supported by 25,000 people. In the case of the "Death Star" administration found just three reasons why it is not necessary to spend taxpayer money to build a supercar destruction of the epic "Star Wars."

As noted in the response issued by the Head of Department of Science and Space Research Division of the budget the White House Paul Shawcross (Paul Shawcross), the creation of "planet killer" is not included in the plans of the country in the foreseeable future. The official said that "Death Star" will cost U.S. 850 quadrillion dollars, which is not permissible, since "every effort to reduce the deficit (the budget), not increase it." Kvardillion — a unit with 27 zeros.

In addition, the report says, the White House "does not (the idea) the destruction of the planets."

Finally, Shawcross said that it was pointless to "spend countless tax dollars to create a" Death Star "with huge gaps (to protect), which can be used (for its destruction) Single spaceship."


After playing in the sandbox, and the Americans went home from kindergarten …


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