The world is taken for the overthrow of Gaddafi

The UN Security Council approved sanctions against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi and called for an international investigation into war crimes in Libya. Italy has terminated the agreement with Libya. Britain has withdrawn diplomatic immunity for Gaddafi and his sons. The world is going to care of Colonel Gaddafi after his 41-year rule of the country.

UN Security Council resolution adopted on February 26, imposes on Libya arms embargo, visa ban introduced for 16 Libyan leaders and freezes assets Muammar Gaddafi and pets. The resolution also calls for an international investigation into the crimes of the regime against peaceful protesters. This is the second time that the UN Security Council asked the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes in the country of the United Nations (previously such a resolution was adopted in the Sudan).

February 27, Italy stated that it suspends the agreement with Libya in 2008 on bilateral cooperation. "I think we have already passed the point of no return" — said Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, adding that the departure of Gaddafi — "inevitable."

Commentators point out that the move opens the way for Italy's use of Italian military bases in Libya in a possible international military operation against Gaddafi's forces.

27 February the British government revoked the status of diplomatic immunity in the United Kingdom for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his sons. "Of course, Colonel Gaddafi's time to leave," — said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom William Hague in an interview with BBC BBC.

Also on February 27 Lukashenko U.S. Barack Obama said that Colonel Gaddafi has lost legitimacy and must leave. Obama signed an executive order freezing the assets of Gaddafi and his family and the Libyan government assets abroad.

"We want him to leave and ended his control, so he withdrew mercenaries and divisions that remain loyal to him," — said about Gaddafi Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State in the day, going to Geneva for a meeting with Arab and African diplomats to discuss further development of the situation in Libya.

Two prominent American senators, Joseph Lieberman and John McCain, Obama urged to recognize the interim government of Libya, which began to form a former minister of justice in the country of Libya under rebel control. According to these senators, neither the United States nor NATO can muck with regard to possible military intervention in Libya.

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