They might have thought that Mikhalevich will be the weak link



Ales Bialiatski

Vitaly Tsigankov

These and other questions are answered by the leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich and chairman of the human rights organization "Viasna", vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski.

"This is evidence of a gradual degradation of the country"

Tsigankov: Let's evaluate the action of Ales Mikhalevich and what impact it may have on the socio-political situation in Belarus. We guessed that such things happen in Belarusian prisons, but all believed that such methods can not be applied against the former presidential candidate. These facts, which are exposed Michalevic what they say about Belarus, about what country we live in?

MilinkevichThis indicates a gradual degradation of the major countries where the law does not mean anything, and where there is a serious abuse of the citizens, which is triggered by fear. Dominated not right, and special services. I also did not expect that from a presidential candidate that could happen. I believe that the act of Ales — this act is not only politics, but a courageous and honest man who honestly said this, knowing full well that it may be expected. I am proud to have been a confidant of Alexander Mikhalevich, and I thank him for his deed.

Tsigankov: Actually Mikhalevich challenged the entire system of the KGB, which, as recent events have changed little since the Soviet era. What do you think could be the answer of this system? Do you think that the life of Ales Mikhalevich now literally at stake, and what can the democratic public to protect it?

MilinkevichA: The most main weapon here is the openness, honesty and transparency. The best defense — the media, which tells about it and say. And, of course, internal and external solidarity.

"People in masks actually KGB prison authorities"

TsigankovAles Mikhalevich said that all the torture was done by people in black masks who were not employees of the prison and did not call himself. Does this not mean that the laws and internal rules do not apply in the KGB prison, and it is subject to some unknown "people in black"?

Those who sat in the KGB jail already talked about the mysterious team in black masks.

Bialiatski: Those who sat in the KGB jail already talked about the mysterious team in black masks, with their submission and made physical, psychological pressure, which is unnerving and prints from the normal state of those who are incarcerated. They actually run on the date the administration of the KGB detention center.

What is this team, it is difficult to say exactly. Obviously, it has to do with those power structures that are at the president. Of course, this is a violation of prisoners' rights. The things said Ales documented. This will be a serious argument against the current system of detention in Belarus.

On this occasion, I literally am writing appeal and appeal in his own name as a human rights activist to the Prosecutor General of Belarus to investigate this situation immediately. We need to attract the attention of the international community to address these cases of torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners in Belarus, and the world's seriously thinking over some effective steps that can improve the situation for the better.

"They might have thought that Mikhalevich — educated, intelligent, wearing glasses — will be the" weak link "

Tsigankov: Why the authorities needed slander other leaders from Mikhalevich, who was not involved in the organization of the Plaza?

Milinkevich: I'm sure the authorities are preparing a show trial to demonstrate that there are foreign enemies and the enemies of the country. But these internal — they are agents of the global conspiracy against the young country. Therefore it was important that the presidential candidates, celebrities, testified against each other. This seems to be one of the main components of a script that is written for such processes.

They might have thought that Mikhalevich — educated, intelligent, wearing glasses — will be the "weak link" and will testify against the other, throwing them guilty. It is very important that he survived this and demonstrated courage his statement.

Tsigankov: Some are releasing, others do not, then seek power? Maybe they just want to quarrel among themselves various opposition politicians, to sow distrust and suspicion within the opposition of the public? How can you resist this?

Loosen, to quarrel, to marginalize the opposition — this is one of the goals of the regime.

Milinkevich: Feeble, to quarrel, to marginalize the opposition — this is one of the goals of the regime. Lukashenko himself said that the opposition wants to have a "constructive". "Constructive" — is a good word, but in the sense of power it means "loyal" pocket. Perhaps what is happening today — an attempt to move to the opposition, which would be fine with calm authority and allowed it to continue with the policy, which she spends a lot of years.

I am sure that this is not possible, because a lot of people in opposition to the courageous, strong-willed. I think the power is wrong. We must speak in the country, to open a public dialogue, to communicate with the people who are protesting. And do not try to destroy them through repression or cook.

"We have recently seen some idyllic situation between Europe and Libya"

Tsigankov: They say if these facts are presented Milinkevich that the international community may need to reconsider attitude to Belarus? Previously, it was the attitude that it's just a soft authoritarian regime, where there are certain violations of human rights that do not pass a certain limit. How should the West react to new evidence that the regime is not as soft and?

Bialiatski: Those methods of detention, methods of psychological and physical effects have always been characteristic of the suppression system, supported by Alexander Lukashenko. Let us recall the conditions under which happened the detention and Alexander Kozulin in 2006. And now we see that all these goings-on, used methods of destruction of the human person, which were developed in the days of Stalin, cultivated the modern Belarusian KGB.

Some European politicians have declared that relations between the EU and Belarus will develop depending on how the situation will develop with the political prisoners in Belarus. In particular, it was the High Commissioner said EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, being the last week in Vilnius. European politicians were sharply condemned the verdict against members Squares Basil Parfiankou. It seems to me that these facts will be more and more Europeans turn to fundamental relations of the Belarusian regime.

We have recently seen some idyllic situation between Europe and Libya, where the EU received a lot of gas. However, recent events in Libya have led
to almost complete breakdown in relations between Libya and the EU authorities. Moreover, the case of Muammar Gaddafi may be considered by the International Tribunal.

Therefore, the situation with the attitude of the Belarusian authorities are now largely depends on whether we have the political prisoners in what state they found that the sentences they will receive during the court proceedings.

Tsigankov: In recent days, the information field coincided somewhat sensational reports. This statement Ales Mikhalevich, and reported sales of Belarusian arms in Côte d'Ivoire, and informal information about the plane from Tripoli, who landed in Minsk. Or it does not show and all the behavior of the Belarusian authorities after December 19, that the political leadership of the country is losing relevance, that Alexander Lukashenko is losing the political sense of smell, which has always been inherent in it?

Milinkevich: I think this assessment is really fair. Belarusian authorities lose some sense of the future. The authorities themselves are doing everything to strengthen the sanctions against them. And the sanctions are severe. After all, first tried a softer, but are now being considered and stronger. Prisoners in December 19 already considered as political. And after all we will know about torture in prisons, and that the regime is violating its international obligations, of course, a relationship has changed for the worse.

But because of all the suffering people of Belarus, we must speak. After isolation of the country, in fact the fault of the self-isolation of the regime have hurt all Belarusians.

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