Throughput of the port of Taganrog in the first quarter of 2013 increased by 52%

In I quarter 2013 turnover of Taganrog Commercial Seaport was about 300 thousand tons, which is 52% higher than in 2012. The volume of imports increased by 2 times, up to 48 thousand tons, export — by 47%, to 256 thousand tons. Bulk cargo increased by 19% to 156 thousand tons. The volume of coal rose 30%, to 133 thousand tons. Transshipment of ore production was 12 million tonnes (+99%). Processing of grain cargo decreased by 2 times, up to 11 tons.

General cargo in the reporting period increased by 7 times, up to 48 tons, including a 5-fold, to 30.5 million tons, increased handling of metals.
The volume of transshipment of containerized cargo increased by 55% to 3.4 million TEUs.
Growth rates in the I quarter of 2013 also demonstrated liquid cargo, the amount of processing which increased by 80% and amounted to 81 thousand tons.
In January-March this year, the Taganrog Commercial Seaport handled 3,869 railcars and 86 vessels.

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