To keep pace with Breivik

Many people know the identity of the Norwegian Anders Breivik, who killed dozens of people. And more and more people are wondering how it happened that such a carefully planned and organized crime was an absolute surprise to the intelligence of Norway, despite a lot of facts, points directly to tuition. For example, information about ordering the necessary parts for weapons, equipment and fertilizers, of which eventually was used by him made bomb was left by law enforcement agencies without proper attention.

In this regard, it was announced that a search resource that displays network information about purchasing the Internet, anyway bearing potential hazard, and presumably point to a possible criminal nature of ideas. This resource was developed at the request and with the support of the Norwegian National Security Service and assumes successful prevention of such crimes.

The project spent about two million dollars. Development of the project has been going on for months — Breivik atrocity was the starting point for the immediate initiation to take action to create it. In the staff of this program will include experts analysts who work with information resources in public.

According to these services, they will be responsible for the continuous monitoring and sorting suspicious information that can be classified as a carrier risk. Most of the field work of specialists will be multiplayer on the Web. In particular, these include the world's most popular social networks Twitter and Facebook.

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