Tons of dead fish in Minnesota

Tons of dead fish in Minnesota

April 5.Plymouth, Minnesota. As well as many other Minnesotans, Bruce Uohlstrom was glad to see that the ice finally disappears at the lake, near which he lives. And then he saw what was underneath.

"I saw the ice only last night, when he began to melt, and this morning I saw that there's just tons of dead fish," — said Uolhstrom.

Hundreds of dead fish "hang out" at the surface or in shallow water in Lake Uohlstroma own. He knows what killed the fish: early, heavy snowfall caused the formation of a thick layer of ice, making the sunlight could not reach the bottom of the lake. Lack of natural light, sustain natural food plants that produce oxygen. If the winter is long and snowy, the fish will make full use of available oxygen and as a result, because of the exhausted oxygen dies.

Lake Schmidt also, like many other urban lakes are relatively small, are filled with run-off, which is compounded by the plight of the fish. Uohlstorm now trying to solve the problem of cleaning the lake of dead fish.

"For anyone with a lake as soon as possible is important to get rid of dead fish, because the available nutrients in these lakes is already quite sufficient until the end of summer."

Translation: Anna Krasnov

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