TRP — Ready for Labor and Defense / Now do not come up with a new name, but the system should be restored

March 11, 1931 in the Soviet Union introduced gymnastic complex TRP.

TRP — "Ready for Labor and Defense" — The program of athletic training in educational, professional, and sports organizations in the Soviet Union, the fundamental in a unified and state-supported system of patriotic education of youth. Existed from 1931 to 1991, covering a population between the ages of 6 and 60 years.

Letting standards was confirmed by special icons. To get this badge, it was necessary to perform a given set of requirements, such as the speed to run a hundred meters, wrung out a certain amount of time to jump from the tower into the water, and even throw a grenade.

Depending on the level of achievement standards who give each degree awarded gold or silver badge "TRP" operating standards for a number of years — "GTO badge of honor." Groups of physical education enterprises, institutions and organizations that have achieved little success on implementation set by the TRP in the daily lives of working people, were awarded the sign "For success in work on a set of TRP."

Icons TRP (first versions) were made of copper or brass, and covered with hot enamel (cloisonne), later began mass production of the icons of aluminum coated with liquid (cold) enamels. Mount for icons TRP served screw or safety pin.

From 1931 to 1941 the number of people who have passed the standards set by the TRP stage I had reached 6,000,000, and Level II — more than 100,000.

In 1948, the USSR had 139 groups of PT and 7.7 million athletes, and in 1977 there were already 219,000 physical education teams and more than 52.3 million athletes.

From 1972-1975. standards and requirements set performed more than 58 million people.

Since 1974, the all-Union Combined Events Championship TRP (in 1975 in a mass start, 370 million people., In the final — about 5 people.; Winners of the 4th stage appropriated the title of master of sports of international class). During the seven years of the three-day event TRP more than 350 million young men and women are champions of regions, cities, regions, republics, 7 people are the honorary title of world champion in decathlon TRP, one man became the first in the history of the Soviet sports movement masters of sports of the USSR all-round TRP .

"We need a healthy nation"

In Russia it is necessary to revive the sporting regulations, similar to the Soviet TRP, said Wednesday by President Putin. According to the President, these standards should be taken into account, inter alia, on admission to universities. And in sports, according to the president, among schoolchildren "must engage in all, without exception."

"I think that it is appropriate to remember the positive experience of previous years, when our country the so-called TRP complex, it passed the standards of people of different ages, it was a real working mechanism. To a large extent, it zatersya, but it worked. This system need to revive, "- said the president.

"The idea of the revival of the TRP discussed back in 2003. This is the message of the society that sport — it's a healthy way of life, compliance with international standards of success, "- said the first deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, the famous athlete Vyacheslav Fetisov.

He stressed that the sport is a serious alternative for those bad habits, which now suffers from youth. According to the senator, exercise from an early age to form a 12-year-resistant rejection and to alcohol and drugs. "We need a healthy nation, and so we build a healthy economy, achieve success in the task," — says Fetisov.

In the Public Chamber also support the initiative. Member of the OP Dmitry Galochkin believes that the return will help shape the rules TRP mobilization reserve of young people ready to defend his country.

"First, there is a good experience gained from Soviet times. There was a serious resource base, including sports. And the young people involved in sports, including it was part of the preparation for military service. Second, we understand that in Russia it is important to rely on the mobilization reserve, because we in the military, in addition to military service, and in addition to the officers, there should be voenkomatovsky mobilization reserve "- said Galochkin, according to which, the year is not enough to conscripts were real soldiers.

According to a member of OP Irene Pleshcheeva, athletic training program to revive the GTO, as it enables the development of the younger generation in the pursuit of success, but it needs to be upgraded.

"I believe that, in principle, the idea is not bad, do not need to renounce everything old. TRP forms a desire for success. I'm still caught in the school complex TRP and remember signs reading "of the icon TRP Olympic medal," and it's still at school age excites my soul "- said Pleshcheeva.

She added that now we need to modernize the system of TRP, as not only students but also teachers said that current students are not always able to fulfill certain standards. Pleshcheeva also believes that teachers should not "blindly demand results, and to emphasize the individuality of each child, so as not to hurt the psyche of children who can not cope with the regulations."

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