Truck Hyundai HD-170 began producing at the factory Autotor

Kaliningrad factory "Autotor" began production truck Hyundai HD-170 carrying capacity up to 10 tons. In March 2013 the assembly line will come down model HD-120. By the end of the year "Autotor" plans to produce about 5,300 commercial vehicles Korean brand.

The assembly of commercial vehicles Hyundai started to "Avtotore" in September 2012. As of today descended from the conveyor 380 HD-78 trucks up to 3.5 tonnes. Pre-production began in August 2011, and in June of last year, "Avtotore" began the pilot batch model HD-78.

Hyundai and "Autotor" invested in the project $ 23 million in equal proportions on each side. Production capacity by 2015 to reach 10 million vehicles per year (three to seven models). By 2018 it is planned to increase to 25,000 vehicles per year with the ability to manufacture the entire range of Hyundai.

The development of a program of localization of production. Making all add-ins for manufactured car chassis provides the enterprises of the Kaliningrad region.

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