Two divisions of the AAMS Antey-2500 passed Venezuela

Venezuela won the Russian long-range air defense S-300VM. Surface-to-air missile system (ADMS) S-300VM (export name "Antey-2500", on the classification of the U.S. DoD and NATO — SA-23 Gladiator) is intended for the defense of strategic facilities against ballistic missiles operational-tactical and medium-range (2,500 km), aeroballistic and cruise missiles, aircraft, strategic and tactical aircraft, loitering directors jammer, combat helicopters. "Who is the most powerful Russian system of those that are available for export. More Powerful only C-400. Venezuela and the first of the foreign partners had adopted her," — said the representative of Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". American counterparts, according to Representative for — complexes Patriot PAC-2 and PAC-3 — S-300VM inferior and are not mobile, the newspaper notes. Mobile AAMS missile defense S-300VM created by deep modernization of all means of S-300B. Designed for the defense of troops and the most important military and civilian objects from the massive strikes of medium range ballistic missiles, tactical and tactical, aeroballistic, aerodynamic and cruise missiles, as well as other aerodynamic air attack. The structure of each SAM include:

  • multi-channel missile guidance station (ICSD) 9S32ME;
  • launchers (PU) 9A83ME;
  • puskozaryazhayuschie installation (ROM) 9A84ME;
  • anti-aircraft missiles 1st (9M82ME) and 2nd (9M83ME) type (SAM-1 and SAM-2).

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