Two new elements of the periodic table has officially received the names of


MOSCOW, May 31 — RIA Novosti. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has officially awarded the title "Flerova" and "Livermore" 114 th and 116 th elements of the periodic table, synthesized by Russian scientists with the assistance of American colleagues.


"The priority in the discovery of these elements is fixed … for a group of cooperating scientists from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, Russia), and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence (California, USA). This group proposed the name" Flerova "(flerovium) and "Livermore" (livermorium), which is now formally approved by IUPAC, "- said in a statement on the website of the Union.

Thus, IUPAC accepted the proposals made by the pioneers in December 2011, and secured the new elements of the chemical notation Fl and Lv. The relevant decision will be published in the July issue of the official publication of Union Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Elements with atomic numbers 114 and 116 were first synthesized the cyclotron Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions at JINR Flerov. These experiments were conducted by a group of Russian scientists under the direction of academician Yuri Hovhannisyan with the participation of American colleagues.

Element under the number 114 was obtained in 2000 by bombarding the accelerator target of plutonium-242 nuclei of calcium-48, and the 116th element — in 2004, in the reaction of calcium-48 and curium-245.

Flerov was named in honor of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions JINR Flerov, which is a recognized leader in the field of synthesis of superheavy elements. Georgy Flerov — Soviet nuclear physicist, an expert in the field of nuclear fission, the synthesis of new chemical elements, new types of radioactivity. Member of Soviet nuclear weapons. In 1940, together with Konstantin Petrzhak discovered a new type of radioactive transformations — the spontaneous fission of uranium. Thanks to the ideas Flerov at JINR obtained a whole series of chemical elements.

  • Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Georgy Flerov
  • Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Georgy Flerov


Livermore (Livermorium, Lv) asked to name in honor of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Lawrence and its location, the city of Livermore, California. Its scientists for more than 20 years involved in the experiments on the synthesis of new elements in Dubna.

The new joint working group established by the leaders of the IUPAC, began work to establish priority in obtaining other yet unnamed super-heavy elements — the 113th, 115th, 117th and 118th. Officially recognized pioneers will have the right to propose names for them.

All of these elements were also synthesized by scientists at JINR.


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