Two new FOCA opened in Murmansk region

In Cole and Monchegorsk was inaugurated fitness centers. They are built in the framework of the regional target program "Development of sports infrastructure of the Murmansk region in 2012-2014".

Complexes meet all required standards, they can organize tournaments nationwide as well as international level. For people with disabilities are provided ramps.

In the one-story part is placed a sports hall for team sports. In the two-story portion on the first floor is the lobby, security room and fire post, dressing room, locker rooms, showers and toilets, office medical care. On the second floor of the project provides a gym, instructors and other offices. 

On the construction of the Kola FOCA from the federal, regional and municipal budgets spent a total of 109 million rubles. The complex is equipped with modern exercise equipment worth more than 14 million rubles. FLC has a brand new home for the children of the district sports school, which has long had to huddle under the same roof with the House of Children's Art and the library. Coaches teach classes with the children in a new complex in the daytime, and at night it is open to adults.

"Major new sports facilities in the region did not appear for four years, since the construction of the center" Cascade "in the Arctic. And I am especially pleased to note that these days almost simultaneously in the open just two sports center", — said the governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun — "What would have to make any adjustments to the budget from its obligations in the social sphere, we do not refuse. Human health is not measured in money. Here we see a concrete result of teamwork, to be used by hundreds of people."

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