Two new satellites in low earth orbit system is activated, The Messenger

The company "Satellite system" messenger "has activated two new satellites" messenger-M "in the low-orbit constellation, the general director of" Satellite system "messenger" Dmitry Bakanov.

"Sputnik at number 13, we have activated last week, yesterday — Spacecraft at number 15. Customers have noticed a significant increase in throughput: up to several gigabytes per day," — he said.

Multifunctional Low-orbit personal satellite communication system "messenger" is designed for data transmission and communication services to subscribers anywhere in the world, in the interests of the various spheres of government activities and commercial customers.

According Bakanova, to complete the construction group left to orbit three satellites, scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2013.

"There is only one start, during which the orbit will be three satellites. Number of satellites in the constellation will reach eight, and then the space segment of the system will be fully deployed" — said Bakanov.

He recalled that the company "Satellite system" messenger "and ISS Reshetnev also drafting a new generation of spacecraft" Messenger-M1 ", which could not put into orbit on rockets" Roar ", the amount of which is limited, and only on new media "Soyuz-2.1V."

"Creating a new communications satellite" messenger-M1 "is at the stage of conceptual design. During June-July 2013 and the project is expected to submit to the Federal Space Agency, which will decide on its approval or supplement with justification," — said Bakanov.

According to him, "Runners-M1" is supposed to run on a new rocket "Soyuz-2.1V" easy class, three satellites on a single host. Currently, to replenish the group "The Messenger" on media conversion "rumble" to place in orbit for two spacecraft.

"In any case, since the remaining conversion boosters" rumble "in the next few years will be a" shoot ", it seems reasonable to put into orbit communication satellites," The Messenger-M1 "on a new rocket" Soyuz-2.1V "easy class" — concluded Bakanov.

The company "Satellite system" messenger "is the operator and the operating organization of multifunctional system of personal satellite communication" messenger. "Spacecraft manufacturer ISS Reshetnev acts.

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