Two new schools opened in Podolsk (Moscow region).

September 1, in the district of Podolsk Grasshoppers opening ceremony of the two schools. In each of them — 825 pupils, both made an extension for additional education facilities for 275 people. Schools are 3-4-storey brick building. School buildings are divided into three functional zones: school-wide areas, the area of elementary grades (first and second floors) and area high school (the first, third and fourth floors).

In schoolwide zone includes a lobby, administrative offices, wardrobe, catering department, medical offices, two gymnasiums, interest circles, an assembly hall for 652 seats with storage rooms, internet club, a library and other facilities.
Area elementary school includes classrooms and playrooms. Area high school consists of training and specialized classrooms, laboratories, classrooms, computer science.
In the outbuildings are located multi-purpose room, are designed to provide additional training to students of secondary schools: gym ear training, choral singing, choreography, teaching universal classes for painting, sculpting and arts and crafts.
Construction was carried out at the expense of the budgets of the Moscow region and municipality.
The customer of the Committee acted on the construction and architecture of the city district of Podolsk, a general contractor — LLC "Mosstroymehanizatsiya — 5".

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