Two new schools opened in Udmurtia region Kiznerskiy

In Kiznerskiy area by September 1, built two new schools. They were built in the framework of the federal target program for the destruction of chemical weapons. 10% of the funds under this program is the creation of community facilities in areas where facilities are located or are being built for the destruction of chemical weapons. In Udmurtia, such areas include Kambarka and Kizner areas.

School in the village for 110 students Kizner built to replace the old, which was built over 40 years ago and no longer meet the requirements of security, write "Proceedings of the Udmurt Republic." School children from the village and the village of New Kizner Trykov will study the building is equipped with all necessary facilities. Previously, the school did not have my dining room, bathrooms, due to an abnormal condition of the gym was closed. Now these problems are solved. In addition, the school appeared Stadium, friendly environment around the building. The construction of the school has been allocated 120 million rubles.

The second — a great school in a new building Kizner — can be called one of the best schools in Russia. As President of Udmurtia, none of the subjects of Russia can boast today of the district school, which was put to the pool, stadium with artificial turf, a modern gym. On the construction of schools from the federal budget as part of the program was spent 500 million rubles.

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