Two Russian boat Lightning joined the Navy of Turkmenistan

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited October 9, marine dock of one of the units of the Navy (Navy) of the country, which are moored two new missile boats "Molniya" Project 12418, built by JSC "Fair Nevsky Shipyard" (SNSZ) within the framework of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Turkmenistan.


The decision to build the Caspian modern Navy (Navy) President Berdimuhamedov announced in August 2009 at a meeting of the Security Council. Already in 2010, was created by the Naval Institute, the Ministry of Defence. To date, in accordance with the basic provisions of the Military Doctrine of Turkmenistan has developed and approved a program for the development of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces for the period up to 2015.

As the President of Turkmenistan, the adoption of this document marks the beginning of an important and responsible work on the creation within the Ministry of National Defense of the Navy, which is tasked to protect the interests of Turkmenistan on the Caspian Sea.


Missile boats "Molniya" Project 12418 was laid of "SNSZ" for Turkmenistan in 2009 In June 2011, the parent boat was handed over to the customer. In October this year, according to the contract, the Navy of Turkmenistan passed the second boat of project 12418.

Boats of this project are designed to destroy surface ships, boats and maritime enemy, both independently and in collaboration with the strike forces of the Navy.

Combat missions boat "Lightning" are:

extermination squads combat boats and ships, amphibious groups and convoy
the enemy
cover of its anti-submarine forces, airborne troops, convoys
conduct tactical reconnaissance
light surface situation.

In peacetime, the boat is used for the protection of the state border, a patrol, safety of navigation, piracy and participate in rescue operations.

The main characteristics of Project 12418 missile boat:

Total displacement — 510 tons
Overall length — 56.9 m
Overall width — 10.2 m
Mean draft at full displacement — 2.4 m
Travel speed max. — 40 knots
Cruising range — 2300 units
Endurance — 10 days
Crew — 41 people, including five officers


Armament consists of 16 boats anti-ship missiles "Uran-E" with target designation from radar complex "Harpoon-B", portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS), "Needle" on a special launcher, 76-mm gun mount AK-176 and two small-caliber anti-aircraft gun systems (MZAK) AK-630.

Today JSC "Mid-Nevsky Shipyard" is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian shipbuilding industry, specializing in the construction of ships and vessels of the new generation of fiberglass using the latest technological advancements and developments.

The plant currently builds missile boats, trawlers, passenger ships and working for various purposes and is preparing for a large-scale construction of a new generation of anti-mine ships for the Russian Navy and for export. Major series are constructed of fiberglass superstructure for Project 20380 corvettes.

Total for the Navy of Russia "SNSZ" built 16 ships of project 12418

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