Two shafts of Belon commissioned the new lava

Lava number 561, prepared for working in the mine "chertinskaja-Coke" on the coal seam number 5, can be called the primary for the next one and a half — two years. Its reserves are about 1 million 350 thousand tons of coal over the past few years, this is the largest lava in the enterprise. Length of lava 203 meters, power — within two meters. Given the monthly burden on the face (on average 65-70 tons), to complete the testing of lava is scheduled for November 2014.

When commissioning the lava number 561 were prepared adjacent workings, including conveyor slope 7/5, which provides transportation of rock from the newly mounted lava and development faces. As a consequence of working out of a mine field — increased pressure on the mountain slope conveyor, resulting in a required perekrepka slope, a total of 80-100 meters. However, the increase in labor costs did not affect the timing of delivery of lava into operation, all work was completed on time.

As for the technical equipment of lava number 561 — mounted powered support ZY6800/12/26, KSW 460 shearer, face conveyor "Angers 34", 3U loader PTC. Before installing the equipment was made revision combine face conveyor and hydraulic control mechanized complex. Major repairs are needed, made revision and adjustment of individual components and assemblies own mines in mehtseha enterprise.

In the future — preparing another lava giant number 560 bis with reserves of about half a million tons of coal for mining where miners will begin no earlier than 2015.

In parallel, coal extraction from the lava number 561, the mine "chertinskaja-Coke 'production is made from lava number 339. A total of 2013 at this mine is expected to produce about 1 million 280 thousand tons of coal.

The mine "Kostromovskaya" commissioned lava № 19-06, which has reserves of 770,000 tons of coal, length — 230 meters, the reservoir thickness — 1.9 meters. Given the average monthly load slaughter of 180 thousand tons, lava plan to work in June 2013.

Equipped with lava mechanized complex «Joy» and Shearer «4LS». In the process of preparing a new face conveyor was installed in 1400 4L conveyor inclined shaft, the length of which was about 570 meters, which allowed to transport rock from the lava 19-06 and development faces.

Ahead of the miners' Kostromovskaya "lava and № 19-20 № 19-21, supplies of which, in total, amount to about 700,000 tons of coal. These lava — the last in the west wing of the mine field. Lava № 19-20 miners to work in 2013, and lava № 19-21 will start in late 2013 with the transition to the year 2014. The next year marked the start of production from the eastern wing of the mine field "Kostromovskaya", where it is concentrated stocks of about 16 million tons of coal. A total of 2013 miners' Kostromovskaya "plan to get 1 million 700 thousand tons of coal. In general, the expected production for the company in 2013 — 3,000,000 890 thousand tons of coal.

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