Twofold increase in production of tractors at the Kirov Plant


During the crisis, several times the volume of purchases of tractors fell by Rosagroleasing. Now the situation is straightened?

— Reduction in purchases made by Rosagroleasing in 2009-2010 was due not only to the crisis, but also the personnel changes in the leadership of the company. Now the situation has changed. If the whole of last year, we have put a Rosagroleasing little more than 100 vehicles, then three months of this year have already prepared for shipment 60.

How many pieces of equipment this year, plans to produce a "daughter" of the Kirov factory — Petersburg tractor factory?

— Total 1,200 units, of which 850 farm, and the rest — commercial. In addition, about 400 machines, we plan to collect this year's program of cooperation with the PowerPlus.

At the same load on the PTZ today reached its highest in the last ten years the level. In August 2011, the plant was able to do 40-50 cars a month, in March of this year, we have already produced about 100 cars, and plan to release in April 120.

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