U.S. military to create a mechanical insect killer

USAF have at their disposal significant reserves of tiny flying drones, which they are prepared to use whenever you need them. As reported by John Horgan «National Geographic»:

DARPA has announced a competition to create drones, which simulates the size and behavior of insects and birds. As a result, the competition was created robotic butterfly with wings of carbon fiber and mylar. Piezoelectric motors allow it to flap at 30 times per second — so that they disappear.

The Air Force has created a small fleet of "micro-aircraft" ready for flight testing. In the above video you can see how the drones are flying through the alleys, making their way through the window slit, and sit on the power lines. And also, you can see one of them sneaks up gloomy man with a gun and shoots him in the head.

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