UAE tolerate the invasion of bed bugs

UAE undergo the "invasion" of bed bugs.

According to the pest companies, these insects are becoming more insensitive to the chemicals used to kill them.

"Bed bugs have settled almost anywhere," — says R. Dinesh, CTO Pestkontrol. — "They are in public transportation, in buses, in camps for workers, community housing, luxury limousines, villas. Today, they settled wherever possible. "

Dinesh believes that a limited selection of chemicals for companies means that bed bugs become more insensitive to disinfection. "We are changing the chemicals every three months to get the bugs can not develop resistance to them," — said Dinesh. — "Unfortunately, there are many effective means no longer available for sale in the UAE."

Bedbug has a strongly flattened body reddish-brown, 3-5 mm long, with dense hairs. From the front of the head moves proboscis, adapted for piercing tissue and sucking blood.

Bedbugs are nocturnal, hiding during the day in cracks of walls, under wallpaper, in the grooves of furniture, books, dresses, electronics, dark and warm places, in the cells of animals and birds. They are equally well take root in almost any environment, whether they are dirty or clean.

Live bugs to 14 months. Rapid increase in their numbers is observed not only in summer but also in winter in a well-heated rooms. If there is no production of bedbugs, they leave room for the air ducts in the summer — on the outer walls of houses.

Bedbugs do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature, it can destroy them. At a temperature? 15 ° live one day at a temperature of more than +49 ° — killed instantly.

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