UFO video filmed rover Curiosity on Mars

Mars rover Curiosity spotted the mysterious UFO on the horizon of the Red Planet (VIDEO)

Camera rover Curiosity, successfully held on the eve of their first sea trials, recorded on Mars UFO movement, reports The Daily Mail.

However, despite the fact that the photos and videos have already caused a huge stir, NASA and experts on photography claim that the objects, which many took for an alien transport — no more than a stain on the image: after all, the rover is almost 560 million kilometers from Earth.

However, the lack of authoritative statements and evidence for the presence of other beings on Mars did not bother online enthusiasts. For example, a user YouTube StephenHannardADGUK, who is a member of Alien Disclosure UK claims to have discovered anomalies in the images Curiosity, laid out at NASA in the public domain.

Having missed a few photos through the filters to highlight their "findings" (in the original picture, they are difficult to distinguish), he published the result on the Internet. "What are these objects? UFO or just dust? As always, you decide ", — says the caption to his videos.

"After watching the video, in fact, it is clear that this anomaly the size of a pixel — The Huffington Post explained analytics Mark Danton, who has studied a lot of videos of UFOs, as well as create special effects and physical models of flying objects for the various projects of the U.S. government. — I'm sure it's just dead pixels on the imager. They have all CCD (cameras), just when shooting in a rarefied atmosphere on Mars, they are more obvious than in the active earth's atmosphere. "

However, fans of mysticism do not despair: they have one more proof of the presence of UFOs on Mars. On one of the video transmitted by Curiosity on Earth, it is possible to distinguish between bright object rising up over the horizon, and just a few seconds later on the left side of the screen there is another flying object that flies through the frame.


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