UN investigates arms of Belarus in Côte d'Ivoire


UN continues to work with the information that the leader of Cote d'Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo, who seeks to preserve the power of his position in spite of the results of the election, received three battle gelikoptery from Belarus in violation of an international embargo.

This is now writing the leading Western publications.

On Monday issued a statement of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon UN regarding illegal deliveries of military equipment to Côte d'Ivoire from Minsk.

It is reported that this technique has been sent military forces supporting not recognized by the international community Laurent GbagboThree martial gelikoptery already arrived at the airport Yamoussoukro, and three more are due to arrive later.

The Belarusian authorities categorically deny the charges. The representative of the Republic of Belarus to the UN mission said Radio Liberty, that reports of arms deliveries to Ivory Coast "is simply not true."

After the statement of the expert committee of the Belarusian authorities by the compliance of the embargo "is trying to track activity at the airport in Yamoussoukro," writes today, "The Financial Times".

Spokesman of the office of UN Secretary General Martin Nesirki acknowledged that UN staff in Ivory Coast have not yet confirmed this information.

"In order for the mission to the UN could do the job, you must have the freedom of movement and the ability to monitor the conditions embargo. This is the reason that the exact confirmation of received messages encountered difficulties," — said Nesirki.

The UN Security Council postponed the hearing on this issue, until additional information.

"Belarus has a huge military-industrial complex, which has been a key element of Soviet-made weapons. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Belarus, according to available information, was used as a conduit for Russian arms exports," — says Harvey Morris in an article in "The Financial Times".

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