Vadim Kabanchuk to be released

February 24 at 17 pm from prison Akrestsin Street after 10 days of administrative arrest for participation in the Square will be released member of the organizing committee of the BCD Vadim Kabanchuk.

During the presidential election Vadim Kabanchuk entered the headquarters of presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski.

Head okrestinsky insulator threatened Vadim criminal case, therefore there is a danger that Kabanchuk can not let go. However, members of the BCD is hoping to meet him today.

Kabanchuk was arrested Belarusian-Lithuanian border on Sunday evening February 13, so it is had February 23 release yet. But the day that Vadim was kept in the Oshmyany police department, did not count. Customs officers seized his informative articles about events in the country after the presidential election.

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