Vienna says: Minsk deepens error

Belarus hurried to the closure of the OSCE office in Minsk. Critical assessment of the presidential election the ODIHR only confirms the assumption that the implementation of the mandate of the office is not completed. A refusal to reconsider the decision to close the only deepens the error. Such statements made today in Vienna at the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE in the discussion of the situation in Belarus.

Closure of the OSCE Office in Minsk on the initiative of the Belarusian authorities and unduly cruel treatment of demonstrators on December 19 and later became the main topic of discussion today at a meeting of the General Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE. His opinion was expressed by the head of the OSCE ODIHR Janez Lenarcic, Chairman of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Belarus of the OSCE PA Uta Zapf and others. They noted that the elections and their consequences, in particular, the existence of political prisoners — a step backwards in the development of democratic governance in Belarus.

Nina Mazzei

Opinions voiced by the official Minsk Chairman of the Council of the Republic for Foreign Affairs and National Security Nina Mazzei. She recalled that the office has worked for a long time, "have been clearly identified the problems and issues that needed to be addressed jointly. Mandate it is made, and further reason to continue his work there."

The deputy head of the party "Fair World" Elena Skrigan not one year contact with the OSCE office in Minsk. She is convinced that it is extremely important to keep the office.

Elena Skrigan

"Today more than ever it is needed. Maybe a year ago it was less necessary. But now that the country has political prisoners when they go to the courts, when, under the pain of thousands of people live, the office is extremely necessary. It was a refuge where Belarusians could address after, they were all local jurisdictions. And so it was in reality. "

The opposition politician Yuri Khadika directly in contact with the office of the OSCE dating back to the time when the office is headed by Hans-Georg Wieck. He believes that the office is definitely needed and now:

Yuri Khadika

"Not with the limited powers, as it was in recent years. He brought real benefits of Belarusian civil society and democratic political parties. It was as long as his powers were the ones who coordinated more former Polish foreign minister Geremek and headed — Hans-Georg Wieck. In those days it was very useful for Belarus institution.

But in any case, support to civil society in Belarus still relevant. Therefore, the Belarusian regime and demanded the closure of the office. "

The Belarusian authorities have ceased operations office from January 1. However, the agency, which employs about 15 people, a third of them — foreign citizens who have the time to complete the projects started earlier and the other outcome of the case. They are going to leave the office during the second half of March.

Janez Lenarcic

At today's meeting, the Director of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Janez Lenarcic expressed the hope that the work of the Bureau and Belarus will continue:.

"We worked with the Belarusian authorities, starting from 2009, to improve something. We welcome the fact that some of our recommendations have been taken into account. But everything has overshadowed what happened during the counting of votes in the presidential elections and afterwards. "

Lidiya Yarmoshyna

Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Lidiya Yarmoshyna , commented to 'Liberty' ability to restore dialogue:

"Any dialogue must take into account the views of both sides. And so, when the ODIHR will take into account the opinion of Belarus, rather than treating it as a schoolboy, who at fault, then I think dialogue is possible. But to say this is only on behalf of the CEC, I can not. There should be a common state solution that would take into account just about anything. "


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