Volcanic chaos spreads — the sky turned over Argentina in the night

The volcano erupted in the south-central Chile on Saturday, a cloud of ash more than 6 miles in the sky induces the government to evacuate several thousand residents, authorities said.

Winds fanned the ash toward neighboring Argentina, darkening the sky in the ski resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche, the official added that the airports in the city were closed. Eruption in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic chain, about 575 miles south of Santiago, the capital, also prompted Chilean authorities to close the heavily crossed border in Argentina.

It was not immediately clear what the network four volcanoes, erupted because of ash and weather conditions. Chain last saw a major eruption in 1960. Local media said the smell of sulfur hung in the air, and there was constant seismic activity. "Cordon Caulle (volcanic region) entered the eruptive process, with an explosion resulting in a 10-kilometer-high gas column," state emergency office ONEMI said.

The government said that it was evacuating 3,500 people from the surrounding area as a precaution. It was the latest in a series of volcanic eruptions in Chile in recent years. Chile's Chaiten volcano erupted spectacularly in 2008 for the first time in thousands of years, spewing molten rock and a huge cloud of ash reached the stratosphere. Ash has also increased the nearby river and ravaged a nearby town of the same name. Ash cloud from Chaiten coated towns in Argentina and was visible from space.

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