Volcanic mud in Malaysia

If you go to a resort in Malaysia Borneo, you'll see firsthand that him is pure volcanic mud.
Last week, the mud erupted nearly three times more active than usual. This led to the fact that sulfur compound spread rapidly in the area equal to a football field. In addition to increasing the number of excited tourists from neighboring Tabin Wildlife Resort, there seems to increase in the number of animals. It is believed that volcanic mud contains healing properties of iodine, bromine, calcium, and magnesium. According to Wikipedia, since the mud is not toxic, it is used in the resorts as mud baths. These baths have existed thousands of years ago, and now they can be found only in high-end resorts in the world.

In the local swimming pool, rich with nutrients, there is also a salt, which often come lick Tabin wildlife reserve. In particular you can see species at risk of extinction — the rhinoceros of Sumatra, dwarf elephants. On ordinary days, when small amounts of mud erupted, it was enough for 2.3 days, and then it dried.

But last week was no exception. The first volcanic gryasch find local ranger who is ahead on its volcanic activity, I realized that this time it is too active. And now here come the mass people and animals. Nestled among the 120 500 hectares of forest and tropical plants, some of which have medicinal and therapeutic properties, this volcanic mud pool became a popular place for the defenders of wildlife and bird watchers. Besides the rhinos and elephants, this place is also home to smoke leopard, sambar deer, exotic birds and orangutan.


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