Volcano eruption in Africa: experts as not the Volcano

A volcanic eruption has caused cancellation of flights in eastern Africa — but not the geologists call a volcano. Now they have admitted error. Clouds of smoke indicate geological fault in Africa, at a fast pace is born a new ocean — Spiegel reported on June 14.

On Saturday over East Africa floating clouds of ash. Moving west from Eritrea, they impede the normal operation of airlines. In Ethiopia and Eritrea, canceled flights. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Hillary Clinton ahead of left Ethiopia. Ash clouds are the result of a volcanic eruption column of ash up to 15 km up, so not many people have the power of the eruption. At present the volcano calmed down.

Observatory for volcanoes VAAC in Toulouse, southern France, watching the airspace of North Africa, has announced an eruption Dubbo. Accurate analysis of satellite surveys showed that woke not Dubbo and Nabro volcano — a sensation for geologists.

Nabro volcano, 2200 meters high, slept for at least 10 000 years. But in recent days in the region nearby was restless, earthquakes shook the desert at the end of last week. Now it is clear that it was the magma rises up. On Saturday, she broke out, accompanied by earthquake measuring 5.7 points.

Region disappeared in the thick fog of ash, so the air was not to recognize what the volcano is to blame. Urban residents Afder, Mekele and seven heard explosions, but from what the volcano was not clear.

Experts ruled out Nabro eruption, as it was considered extinct. So they called Dubbo, north. Its eruption was also a surprise, since he had slept for 150 years.

The fact that this was Nabro, is good news for residents. Dubbo is located in a densely populated area, while Nabro surrounded by desert.

Volcanic eruption and earthquake indicate geological fault in Africa. Continent began to break up, there is a new ocean, writes Spiegel. In 2005, a new cycle of activity, when the crack split the Afar desert territory. In November 2010, scientists have noted enhanced activity: Erta Ale volcano erupted.

The first crack appeared millions of years ago, it filled the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Now the land breaks away from Ethiopia south to Mozambique. Numerous volcanoes surround the East African rift. Nabro volcano eruption — new evidence of geological processes on the planet.

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