Warning about the likelihood of a massive earthquake and increased extreme weather from 27.06.2011-02.07.2011


June 14 astrophysicist Piers Corbyn appeared on Al-Jazeera TV and spoke about increasing this year's extreme weather and increasing the number of earthquakes.All his predictions before, were successful.

He also said a very serious earthquake and strengthening extreme weather in the period from June 27 to July 2.
This period will be more serious than the periods 13-15 and June 16-19, and perhaps more dangerous than the May 31 to June 5, when there have been major earthquakes and volcanoes awoke.

In an interview with Piers was asked "whether the government is warned? He replied that we were giving the government forecast earlier and warned the U.S. government of an impending storm (such as those that hit the United States, causing chaos on Christmas Day), but they (and the media) ignored us preferring to believe that nothing will happen …

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