Was the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin?


The debate over whether or not the exactly Yuri Gagarin the first man who went into space not cease until now. There is even an opinion that he do not fly into space, and was just a shot in a shaky box. That's one of the hypotheses in which the test pilot Vladimir Ilyushin could well be the first in the history of the Earth astronaut …

Signals Soviet spacecraft in the 60 years of trying to catch and listen to not only professionals but also amateurs. While the former is usually silent about their results, the second — no longer exists. One of the best Italians were brothers Achille and Giovanni Battista Dzhudika-Kordilovi (Achille, Giovanni Battista Judica-Cordigliovi). In 1957, near Turin in an old German bunker left over from World War II, they established a station. Despite the cheap equipment, the brothers were able to achieve some success, so that they even envied by some professionals: the Italians not only introduced the world to the signals of the first Soviet and American satellites, but were able to make the recording. With the help of other fans of the Italians have created a network that could surprisingly accurately determine the location of the object that sends signals. The results of these fans appreciated and NASA (NASA), where they were then invited to see local wares.

But the brothers did not rest on that. They argued that the 28th November 1960, ie six months before Gagarin's flight, they caught a signal for help. They said that something like this happens again, and on February 2, 1961, when they received a record uneven heart of man. Shortly after Gagarin, 17th May 1961, the Italians even recorded as female voices in consultation with the ground station of the conversation indicated that the ship had lost a heat shield, and he lights up during reentry. Writing in Russian and today is on the Internet, it goes from the creeps. Immediately after that, May 23, 1961, the Soviet agency TASS reported that in the dense layers of the atmosphere burned a huge automatic satellite. Although check this information from independent sources failed, it is interesting that at about the same time (20th May), unknown signals caught the British radio telescope Jodrell Bank. Local scientists have determined the frequency of the signal that it was a Soviet satellite "Venus-1", launched to Venus on October 4th. The device was lost shortly after it reached Earth's orbit.

Some doubt in the fact that Gagarin was the first successfully completed the mission on space exploration. They argue that in fact the first astronaut returned to Earth, was a test pilot Vladimir Ilyushin, son of the legendary aircraft designer.

Ilyushin was born on March 31, 1927. He was a test pilot in the design office "dry." In July 1959, in a combat plane he set a world record by taking the height of 28,857 meters. During this Ilyushin received the Hero of the Soviet Union.

But then around the figure of a young Ilyushin strange things began to happen. Just two days before Gagarin's flight British Communist newspaper Daily Mail published an article by its Moscow correspondent Dennis Ogden (Dennise Ogden), which argued that the Soviet Union was committed manned flight, during which the astronaut was seriously wounded. The next day, the French journalist Edward Brobovski (Eduard Brobovski) from Moscow sent a message that this unknown pilot was Vladimir Ilyushin. Then Gagarin flew, and Brobovski said that it's either not true, or diversion, which should hide previous failure. In response to reports Brobovski Tass on May 1 reported that the Ilyushin earlier was in a serious car accident, and now he is treated in China. It was said that in his car head-on driven drunk driver. Just why the famous aviator, son of an even more famous designer and hero of the Soviet Union, chose to doctors who had fallen behind China, not the Soviet specialists? No one really never explained.

The strange circumstances of the accident Ilyushin once served as the breeding ground for the emergence of an alternative version, according to which the son of a famous father is very fast joins group of the first astronauts, and immediately became a candidate for the first flight. Gagarin (at best) had to replace it. Ilyushin had to take the 7 th April 1961 on the ship "Russia." Too hasty preparation took its toll and astronaut in orbit lost consciousness. From Earth, it failed to bring about feelings, and in the Mission Control Center was made the only possible solution: start the automatic trigger.

"Vostok" were designed so that the astronaut before landing had to eject. And to do so, apparently, it was just being in the mind. Thus, the Ilyushin fell along with the cockpit and was seriously injured. Due to the adverse conditions to all other flight ended in China.

However, most historians Space oppose this version, including the fact that the determination of heavy vehicle on orbit if not detected even American station. When the Russian archives have been declassified in the closet there was a lot of skeletons, but stories with Ilyushin was not there. Ilyushin then promoted to general, set new records, has received various awards. He died on March 1, 2010.

And tried to refute the flight of Gagarin. Hungarian journalist Istvan Nemerov (Istvan Nemere) in his book "Gagarin — the space lies" (1990) presented evidence from which it must follow that the first manned flight into space was a huge lie. But most of these arguments can easily be refuted, in addition there are a number of objective evidence (including records of American radar), confirming that the ship with astronauts in orbit.



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