Weather Center warns of heavy precipitation and ice in the center of the Russian Federation

In the central regions of European Russia came the winter weather, in the middle of the week in the region is expected to strong winds, snow and blizzards, freezing precipitation and ice, which will be replaced by Friday warming, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Weather has acquired the character of winter. Nights temperature in the Central Federal District drops to 8 degrees below zero, the day was 5 degrees below zero to 0 … almost universally observed snow. Consequently, the changed state of the roads and pavements. They formed black ice," — said in a statement .

On Wednesday in the west and south of the district the weather begins to change rapidly due to the arrival of the Mediterranean cyclone. With his approach atmospheric pressure will rapidly fall to skyrocket southeast wind gusts which will be 15-20 meters per second.

"With the warm weather front will be associated cyclone broad zone of precipitation. Initially will snow in some places it can be strong and be accompanied by storms, but the roads are possible in places snow drifts. At cold temperatures near the ground, closer to the front line precipitation, falling liquid phase (supercooled drizzle, rain, freezing rain, freezing rain), will form ice. On the roads will be slippery, "- warn meteorologists.

By Friday night the cyclone will determine the weather for the whole territory of the district.

According to meteorologist, after passage of a warm front temperatures rise, ice crumble, sometimes in the form of precipitation will be rain or drizzle. Thursday afternoon in the south of the CFD will warm up to 3-8 degrees Celsius on Friday — up to 11.6 degrees, the center on Friday afternoon will warm up to 0-6 degrees.

"The heat will be on Saturday, but the heat wave has gradually subsides. Lowering the temperature will start from the north-western regions, which will gradually penetrate into the colder air. Precipitation will come in the form of wet snow, rolling in the snow," — said in a statement .

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