What kind of tree to choose for the new year?

The vast majority of our citizens have no idea of a new year without a Christmas tree. Only in the most extreme case, if you have to meet this holiday on the road or in cramped conditions on the table put a sprig of pine, decorated with care all that at the moment there were at hand.

However, tree tree discord. Some people prefer artificial Christmas tree, and someone real. It should be said that artificial Christmas trees made of plastic, our industry has mastered a long time ago, say in the suburbs in the 1960s, many workers already had such plastic beauty. Of course, an artificial Christmas tree does not smell, but it does not reset the needles on the carpet. More than that — it is plastic tree helped save thousands of young trees, so we need it to produce oxygen. Among the shortcomings are also worth to mention the need for more space to store boxes of branches, iron rods and bushings.

Recently, there are many different chemical air fresheners, which imposes a plastic Christmas tree aroma of this. But, in all fairness, to use this chemistry is not necessary. Since we have so now is not the good environmental situation, so better to keep your lungs and your money — as they say, less breathing chemistry, more walk in the fresh air.

Fans of these spruces have from year to year, the time to consider buying a live tree, and then at his disposal. And if the time after the holidays is not that deficit, the eve of December 31, every minute counts. And the traffic jams do not give motorists relax — because at the end of December every parent in a hurry to the shops in search of a gift for a child.

Incidentally, there is another great option that will suit not only to individuals who live in the cottage, but the organizations that have their own territory. It — planting large trees. Live tree, planted in their own territory — a great reason to buy a quality garland and please all passersby almost half of winter. Incidentally, representatives of Moscow organizations can also very useful site www.corporate-newyear.ru, which will help to corporate new year without a hitch, without a hitch. The rest of the article readers want more time to sincerely wish to protect our nature. Do not cut guys, do not break!

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