What will happen on September 22?

Experts predict emission of the Sun huge amount of gases which were heated cosmic atmosphere.


NASA experts predict a series of powerful solar flares on 21 September, which will cause abnormal weather, geomagnetic disturbances and storms, as well as to provoke a series of accidents in the world.

The corresponding forecast is contained in the published report, "Threats to Space Weather: social and economic impacts."

Experts predict emission of the Sun huge amount of gases which were heated cosmic atmosphere. This phenomenon appears as a very bright aurora borealis. After that, it is quite likely the failure of power supply systems, the consequences of which would be disastrous.

At the same time, the Georgian media quote the words of the director Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory Maya Todua, which holds that the magnetic storm can cause major disasters.

"Predicting the like (power collapse) due to the expected magnetic storms is almost impossible. They are never powerful enough to cause major upheavals and disturbances," — said astrophysicist.

In her words, "a strong magnetic storm may only have a temporary effect on communication systems and threaten, say, orbiting astronauts."

In late 2012, astronomers expect a series of powerful solar flares. They will be the beginning of a global catastrophe. The sun is so close to the ground is suitable, which will occupy half neba.Ono will not sit down, and will not be vstavat.Gory rasstreskayutsya and raspadutsya.Pesok from intolerable heat turn into steklo.No it happens long after the last man on the planet burn in the sizzling sun ……

According to forecasts of American Scientists, the cause of doom in 2012 will be geomagnetic storms of unprecedented force caused flares. How likely is this scenario?

Radio failure, failure and falling satellites, radiation hazards, earthquakes — all the possible consequences of powerful solar flares. How active was the sun in the past? What happens to space weather today? And what to expect from the lights in the near future?

A report published in late 2008 by the American Academy of Sciences report, "Threats to Space Weather: social and economic consequences," commissioned by the U.S. space agency NASA, contains an important warning to the government: a sudden storm on the sun in its effects can be comparable to a nuclear war or the fall of a giant asteroid to Earth.

The sudden solar storm "can be devastating to modern societies that are too dependent on technology," said Professor Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado, an expert in astrophysics and atmospheric physics and one of the authors of the published report.

The main thesis of the report prepared by scientists from different disciplines, is that sooner or later will happen cosmic storm, much more powerful than all the solar flare witnessed by the human civilization, already armed with high technology. Similar events have occurred in the past, but at the time mankind has not so much dependent on the electrical network (or had none) and do not use satellites.

Concerns that gave rise to this report, there were not just happen. That the strong solar storms occur, astronomers learned long before the advent of satellites. In August 1859, solar activity has been so strong that the then available to scientists magnetometers going wild, "polar" the people of the radiance observed at the equator, for a short time out of action "Victorian Internet" — Telegraph, and in some areas even telegraphers disconnected Telegraph on electric batteries and send messages on the induced magnetic storm currents.

With the transition to civilization electricity effects not even as strong as in 1859, the abnormal solar activity has become more sensitive. In late October — early November 2003 as a result of the burst of solar activity in northern Europe, the accident occurred at transformer stations, leading to blackouts in the northern parts of Sweden, and one of very expensive satellites NASA — ADEOS-2 — failed. The radiation storm was so strong that NASA ordered the astronauts on the International Space Station to wear suits for added protection. Similar incidents have occurred, albeit on a smaller scale in the past, and during solar storms in January 2005, airlines United Airlines had to adjust their routes aircraft held at the North Pole.

And here is the next powerful burst of abnormal solar activity can affect humanity, which became dependent on satellite communications and GPS. Have become much more common and important for the functioning of modern society and the electrical network. The consequences would be similar to the geomagnetic burst explosion powerful electromagnetic bombs, calling blown power grids and irreversible damage to all electronic equipment.

Powerful solar storm, even similar in strength to the one that occurred in 1859, could lead to disastrous consequences: serious accidents in power plants and substations, mass blackouts, which will turn off the water supply and heating, refrigeration, accidents in health care settings , disabling phone systems, failure on electric transport, etc. In addition, such a storm would only serious damage communications satellites and satellites, responsible for the operation of navigation systems of aircraft and ships, because, in contrast to terrestrial electronics, electronic devices spacecraft much less protected and the atmosphere and the Earth's magnetosphere.

The conclusion arrived at by the authors of the report: a powerful solar storm will be more devastating than a potential attack on the American space satellite constellation that will leave without the "eyes" and "ears" U.S. Army. U.S. military like to scare their government a "space Pearl Harbor", but scientists believe it would be better to fear and prepare for the "space" Katrina "that is, a space storm, as devastating as that" Katrina ", which swept away New Orleans.

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