Why do we never see Nibiru?

Now, in 2012, there is an excessive interest of mankind to the planet Nibiru.Ochevidno that it is caused by different kinds of apocalyptic prophecies Nibiru destination for our Earth and its chelovechestva.No where do these predictions? Because there is no confirmed ancient prophecies concerning Nibiru?

Where did mankind know about Nibiru? Originator is a chronicle of the Sumerians, who, as we are assured, and talked with her predstavitelyami.Eti chronicles allegedly deciphered Zechariah Sitchin.Dalshe-free interpretations Sitchin other esoteric interpretations that do it in a format defined by the breadth of their imagination. Oh, and many channelings, of course, as without them? People write and write about Nibiru.Kazhdy-he wants, what your heart desires imaginative its earthly Soznaniya.Chego just will not read on the Internet about Nibiru …

We are engaged in the study of Nibiru and all that is connected with it, many let.Odnako disclose certain information we have decided just now when Nibiru ALREADY NET.Da, exactly when Nibiru is net.No poryadku.Konechno things first, you can treat our information as you want, it is your pravo.My understand that a person hard to part with their illusions and stories written by other people, they truly believe.
But back to Nibiru.Suschestvuet or not Yes, there is, or rather there was until recently vremeni.Kstati, this celestial body is actually that of any other, many imen.Nibiru-just one of nih.Pervymi Nibiru or 12th planet of the solar system mentioned shumery.O of who the Sumerians, or better to say nothing at all, or say polno.My prefers to say nothing.

Sumerians actually contacted some highly space civilization, which came down to Earth and the Sumerians called them Anunnaki (literally translated as "descended from heaven"). These representatives were really Nibiruan-that is, people Nibiru.Nibiruantsy Sumerians gave much knowledge, including Nibiru.Odnako knowledge of these were given in the form of half-truths, for purposes Anunnaki in communion with the Sumerians were not charitable and altruisticheskimi.Shumery needed for them to achieve certain objectives, as a tool or working ruk.Takzhe they created a positive image, as it is now expressed characterizing Nibiruan in a positive light for posleshumerskogo chelovechestva.Tipa, we are good, we're friends.

A lot of the information transmitted Nibiruan led by their earthly leader Marduk Sumerians, deystvitelnosti.Naprimer match that had three of their expansion to the Earth, the mining of gold we have, that Nibiruan live a few hundred thousand years and t.d.Nam have met on the internet pictures of skulls, which allegedly belong Nibiruan-annunakam.Vneshne they very closely match their real cherepam.Odnako no skull is present, as in the case of the Mayan crystal skulls, all casts, although made сверхпрофессионально.Раньше we thought that Marduk and Abozis is one and the same entity, but is now certain, and it is confirmed that they are different suschnosti.Abozis never incarnated on Earth, and Marduk is one of his courtiers, one of the bishops in Nibiru.Fakt that Nibiruan leaving Earth with nary a trace of biological prisutstviya.Dazhe if it was that they died on Earth, they took away the dead bodies with them, deliberately leaving a single piece of his DNA on Zemle.Hotya they actively paired with earth women.

The result of this mating was the birth of the Earth-Nibiruian gibridov.Bylo a very long time, perhaps even during the landing of the first landing on the Nibiruian Zemlyu.Eti hybrids or gave birth to all the Mongoloid race, or some of its podrase.No that the offspring genetically manifested itself in the Mongoloid-fact undeniable.
Nibiruan impact on the Earth and humanity is immense, far more than you can afford predstavit.No than us, who are in the 60-80 years, of their hundreds of thousands, we can interest them? Even the age of our Adam-minute, compared with the life expectancy Anunnaki.

To answer this question we need to delve into the early history of Nibiru and Nibiruan and find out who they are, who created them and chego.Iz knowledge of the perfect man you remember that after Autogenes Adamon-Christ created his own version of the Perfect Man Vallaum vozzavidoval vozroptal.Togda and in the hierarchy of creation, he has held the stage equal to Christ and theoretically had the right to his creation Cheloveka.Togda Metropatoru he came to and asked to give him the opportunity to create his own version Cheloveka.Metropator had no right to refuse, and provided the opportunity Vallaumu . fact, it was to provide him with the Creative Women's Start-Barbelo, through which, as through Universal uterus, creation Vallauma was manifest, roditsya.Tochno as earlier through Barbelo, was shown the Perfect Man, who was created by Christ.

But if Christ was filled with love and driven by the highest goals, he actually created the creation, which surpassed himself is the first and so far the last such event in the same had already been Mirozdanii.Vallaum grehopadshim and it has remained Pervokletka Death and Karma, and his motives was maniacal desire for world gospodstvu.Malo who had doubts that he could ban him from the creation sotvorit.No Metropator prava.Vallaum had created two versions of the man-Adonai and Abozisa.

Of Adonai, which existed in Interferential eon Earth, we wrote at length in autumn 2011 goda.Vtoroe creation Vallauma-Abozis.Eto Supreme Being, in the core of his sverhmonady concluded sverhmonadicheskie aspects of the Vallauma (and aspects of it, and his father-Metropatora) and Barbelo in which in turn consisted aspects Pervodifferentsirovannogo Feminine Origin Epinoia Absolut World.
Lick Abozisa fundamentally different from the type of the Perfect Man Hrista.Poprobuem describe him pull back oblong skull, scaly skin, indentations nose, yellow eyes, as indentations flat ears, head without hair, two arms, two legs, a short tail, rear, in the hands legs and five fingers, but they are not connected together pereponkami.Chto this remind you of? Correct, reptile!

Abozis but not a reptile in the classic sense of slova.On became the prototype of the human form Reptogumanoida.Chast Vallaum copied from Adamon, Reptoid part invented himself and integrated it into the image of his tvoreniya.Poluchilas a hybrid forma.Vposledstvii Abozis also created a group of black entities in he actively experimented with Reptoid formoy.Oni, in turn, gave rise to many races and civilizations Reptoid Kosmosa.No first of the races were created Abozisom reptogumanoidy annunaki.On they actually did, as his otrazhenie.Abozis is their creator and leader.

The external appearance of the Anunnaki in fact a copy of the Abozisa.No's highest evolutionary structures do not go to any sravnenie.U Abozisa was three-dimensional body, and the subtle body and the causal body, and Monadicheskoe.U Anunnaki it was only the physical body and the subtle bodies. neither causal nor Monad bylo.Fakticheski they did not it was a collective form zhizni.Stado reptogumanoidov united by a common idea, they invested their sozdatelem.Pochti that the example of a single and collective soznaniya.To, which was not a Communist-create a human-biorobot, with a common goal and mind-controlled.

Annunaki were almost invulnerable body, and the energy of life they had enough to live within a few hundred thousand earth let.No another question, due to which they have so long to live? Who gave them the vital fuel for such a long time? Sources of vital energy in Nibiruan- Anunnaki were three energy Metropatora, forcibly evacuated from Metropatora through its aspects inherent in Abozise, and give him Vallaumom.Vtoroy source-female energy, pumped similarly Barbelo.Trety source of life-energy, pumped Anunnaki person Earth.

Many put the Anunnaki as an example, comparing his life with the earthly man, created by analogy with Ialtabaofom Adamon-"man license." But while few people think that the basis of longevity is a biological Anunnaki vampirism, and the earthly man, "milk", sucking it and the scant supply of life energy by anyone who len.Annunakam as the perfect man Adamon had to be somewhere zhit.Esli Adamon was originally the home of the pleroma, for the Anunnaki-reptogumanoidov Abozis also had to build our home, our aeon , was created by his realnost.Tak Nibiru.Ponachalu it was also the highest planet, the Monad and its manifestation in the form of the body of the planetary Logos, including three-dimensional planetary telo.Yadro Planet Nibiru Monad consisted of aspects of higher beings, including Vallauma, Lilith Abozisa, Barbelo.No Abozis still managed to split off part of the core of the Earth, Gaia Monad when she was not yet razdelena.Etot aspect of the Monad of Gaia, he also turned to the alloy core Monad Nibiru.

Nibiru itself Abozis arranged by analogy with the Earth, but the scheme did not give him one, it will it izuchil.Kogda Planetary Monad Nibiru was deployed, she had several phone displays, the lower of which was projected on a three-dimensional physical layer, similar to our Zemle.Yavlyaetsya commonly occurring error of judgment that Nibiru is the 12th planet in our solar sistemy.Nibiru reason persistently confused with the planet, one of the names which Urusvati-that really is the 12th planet in our sistemy.Nibiru does not belong to our solar system , but its orbit is arranged in such a way that it is a periodic orbit nee.Perigely it really is close to our sun and Nibiru periodically returns to him and passes near Zemli.No during its revolution around the sun much more than 3600 years mentioned anywhere.

Nibiru is also the solar system, because it is not a "child" of our sun, and does not consist of its protoplanetary materii.Vse other planets are native of the sun and planets are made up of a single protoplanetary substantsii.Nibiru also been artificially introduced in our solar system, and its orbit is carefully designed in such a way as to pass near Zemli.Esche obscherasprostranenny one myth is that Nibiru is a cyclic shift of the poles Zemli.Perepolyusovka caused by completely different forces and processes, namely the accumulation of a critical imbalance intranuclear matter core and external forces, related to the precession of the equinoxes, causing the Earth's poles cyclically shifted and reverses zvezda.Tem least Nibiru approaches the Earth (and it is several times larger than our planet) its gravity can cause artificial shift the Earth's poles, or who lose the earth with orbity.Nu it, and that very rare case where the approach of Nibiru and the reversal of the same in vremeni.Imenno a fatal coincidence to happen in December 2012 goda.No not happen, because we never see the planet Nibiru.
The fact is that despite all the higher aspects, used for the creation of the Monad Abozisom Nibiru, its planetary Logos gradually began to lose its intensity radiant synthesis, simply put, gasnut.So time trend assumed alarming pace.

The need for earthly gold originated with the Anunnaki is to attempt to revive Logos Nibiru.Na short time they were able to partially restore it, but for a very short period of time. they had to either move to another planet, or to take drastic action to save the Logos Nibiru, which is simply brought to such a state (he also kept artificially Nibiruan conditional immortality.) Then they decided to attempt the artificial quantum transition is vibration-hop core of the Planetary Logos and the shifting of the planet from the third to the fourth dimension, without saving the body of manifestation in the third izmerenii.Nikakih evolutionary assumptions and natural opportunities for this bylo.Raschet not been on purely a vampire scheme-use aspect of the Earth in order to use it to a kind of "prigarpunitsya" True to the Earth and at its expense to increase in leaps and bounds to the quantum vibrations Nibiru Skachka.Inymi words, you want to apply the effect "vibration winch", that is the first "cling" to the Logos of the True Earth, and then "catch up" to her, as to the winch.

Of course, our description is largely arbitrary, but how else can one describe such things earthly language?
Annunaki partially able to realize his plan.Oni could "prigarpunitsya" True to the Logos of the Earth and hike at the expense of vibration Nibiru.Planeta beginning of quantum transitions in the fourth dimension through transformation of resources to do the necessary tretego.Zdes poyasnenie.Suschestvuyut two basic types of quantum transitions evolutionary systems: based on a lower body is a manifestation of the transition from a lower to a higher dimension, in which the lower-level planetary body is transformed into the body of a higher dimension, and thus itself ceases suschestvovat.Drugoy type of quantum transition, also based on a lower body manifestations, but as a result of The subordinate body does not break down, there is a shift of the assemblage point (the point of manifestation) of the planetary or stellar Monads in the higher frequency vibrations dimension (measurement).

Both types of quantum phase transitions are the spiritual and evolutionary perfection appropriate individualized forms of Mind Vselennoy.Tip Transition Supreme Mind of a monad defines itself (this is equivalent to the higher self of the human Monad). Ideally, better than the second type, but not many can it "pull" not many will "kick in the teeth." It depends on a number of factors, which we now consider not only budem.Skazhem that the original plan of the quantum transition of our Earth 12/21/2012 was supposed tipa.Nu first scenario and what will actually We do not undertake to predict.

What happened as a result of artificial quantum transition Nibiru? Something somewhere went wrong somewhere Abozis miscalculated, but it is not complete udalos.K Besides it was originally based on a "vibrating vampirism" that is achieving its goals by stealing resources of another logo and without his consent in the result of a quantum transition to.V Nibiru choked halfway: the planet out of the third dimension, but does not enter into the fourth smogla.Ona as it hung, stuck between the measurements at the point corresponding Interdimensional Portal Perehoda.Eto Interdimensional singular points in the frame of the universe, through which the movement between the dimension and izmereniyami.Na She was immediately put under quarantine karmic, though his background was purely technical, in this state, as it was Nibiru nigde.Ee Logos continued to fade and already supported by the vital resources Anunnaki, which in turn are actively pumped them, including with cheloveka.A quarantine it had no effect.

Karmic quarantine provided a complete lack of contact with the outside Nibiruan mirom.Oni were both in lovushke.Karantin, however, has long been bursting at the seams, August 31, 2012 and it was not in the Interdimensional stalo.Nahodyas trapped, Abozis with Anunnaki have developed a new plan salvation through Zemli.Na again this time as they wanted to "cleave" to her at the time of the quantum transition of our Earth and its association with the True Zemley.Dalshe they made an attempt to capture the Joint Monad and the Planetary Logos of Gaia.

This idea does not seem so impossible as it may seem at first vzglyad.Ibo during my time on earth the Anunnaki left the whole system infrastructure that allows them under certain circumstances, could influence and even control the Planetary Logos Zemli.Abozis saw his creation, the Anunnaki first-person alternative to the Earth, and then he decided that his work better and higher, so a person must be destroyed, and his work will dominate Mirozdanii.Ocherednoy raving sick imagination! But who could stop him from trying to implement it? Ideas Hitler also had delusional and unrealizable, but that does not stop him from destroying hundreds of millions of people.

In goal Abozisa capture input of the earth (or in the case of the inability to capture its destruction). Second aspect of his plan to nominate his leading role in the creation of the universe was the capture chelovechestva.Imenno capture, not unichtozhenie.Osoznavaya that time until the release of Nibiru Interdimensional captivity they have less and less in the summer of 2012 took Nibiruan series of audacious attacks and breaks the karmic karantina.9 August occurred raskapsulyatsiya Stealth-aspects of Nibiru embedded in Zemlyu.Eto additional, previously unknown element Nibiruian infrastructure secretly entered in Zemlyu.Ranee they does not manifest itself, and that they exist no znal.Neoautogeny and earth friendly extraterrestrials controlled only certain elements.
Raskapsulyatsiya occurred simultaneously, then these activated aspects of the Logos as Nibiru would samovstrelilis in Planetary Logos Zemli.Takim way an attempt was made to capture and submission, and then at least for перепрограммирования.Программой Anunnaki was no control, and an attempt to destroy the Earth Logos.

Immediately Higher Forces of Light launched an operation to rescue the Earth, as the situation was close to kriticheskoy.Aspekty Nibiru had literally taken out of the Logos of the Earth, although they have started to enter into it yad.Tot your poison, which is designed to destroy the life of the planetary Logos . to our Earth, this was a very serious and painful efforts ispytanie.Obschimi all aspects managed to extract and unichtozhit.Zemle else had a long time to recover from such an attack, but above all, she was saved.
By the evening of September 1, 2012 it was the splitting of the Monad zakoncheno.Odnovremenno Nibiru Higher Powers began splitting the Planetary Logos Nibiru.Ego core was captured and split solar Logos, and the body of the Logos, and a group of higher beings Neoautogenov.2 September 2012 Nibiru is history. We used to have and so is ironic message from the Internet that Nibiru is supposedly already seen or even photos allegedly Nibiru.Nichego not, was not and will not be.

Abozis was captured by the Lords of Karma, and convicted for their crimes against the Universe unichtozhen.Annunaki, his creations have been brought under the karmic arrested and placed in a special quarantine zone from which they are at this time not vyberutsya.Nikto of them will be destroyed, all lives will be saved and then the quantum transition given the chance to go spiritual rethink and take the path of spiritual evolyutsii.Im will be given a separate "remedial" eon, which will also include other Reptoids and reptogumanoidy that will be given the same chance.

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