With the days of tanker

Under the pressure of steel and fire …

Tank troops — Steel horse, a living embodiment of the power of unmatched Russian army. Tank troops rightly listed as one of the major genera of the Land Forces and their main strike force. Of course, the foreseeable future, the tank will retain its role as the main means of combat ground forces, and the profession tanker will continue to be one of the most pochetaemyh and responsible in the military. Modern tank troops Of — it's an organic symbiosis of technical excellence and professionalism of personnel, based on the continuity of tradition and looking to the future.

Happy tanker

For nearly a century of development of Russian armored tank forces the industry has made a lot of tough machines radically changed not only the branch of the armed forces, and almost all of which determined the course of world history and the place of Russia in it. Noting the majestic awards designers tank industry, paying tribute to the work of engineers and workers who continue to work honestly for the machines tank companies of the country, it should be remembered that this technique opens up a harsh put in it the ability in the hands of real experts, whose prazdnichek We note now — our soldiers.

Tankers accept congratulations once a year on the second Sunday of September. In the first day tanker noted in 1946, then this prazdnichek was established in commemoration of the greatest rewards of armored forces and the industry as majestically victory. In connection with Prof. prazdnichkom want everyone involved in building up a tank capacity of the country peaceful sky, success in work and harmony in families, and the tanks — the ability to use their prof only in landfills!

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