With the Ivanovo Airborne Division will conduct a pilot KShT using ASUV Andromeda-D

With the Ivanovo Airborne Division will conduct a pilot KShT using ASUV "Andromeda-D"

December 19-20, with the Ivanovo Airborne Division will be held command and staff training (KShT) using an automatic system of command and control (ASUV) At the tactical level, "Andromeda-D." At the training, which will be held under the control of the chief of staff — first deputy commander of the Airborne Troops (VDV) is involved management Division and one of the Parachute Regiment.

KShT on the ground with the deployment of field units ASUV "Andromeda-D" is conducted for research purposes. It is expected that the efficiency of the control units of paratroopers with the introduction ASUV appreciate the representatives of the General Staff and the Head of the Land Forces Command.

Troop tests ASUV at the tactical level, "Andromeda-D" for the needs of the Navy were completed at the end of 2011 During 2012, she successfully used during tactical exercises with the Marines, including in the strategic command-staff exercises "Caucasus-2012".

In total this year with the controls units and formations Navy conducted more than 60 combat training (joint staff, command and staff training and exercises), during which commanders and staffs have practice management units and formations of the implementation of digital telecommunications equipment and video conferencing systems ASUV "Andromeda-D" and "Flight-K."

ASUV "Andromeda-D" is a set of automation equipment for fixed and mobile Fri management made taking into account the features of the Navy as a highly mobile combat arms. The system provides an effective management units in all the criteria of the situation with the introduction of the modern digital telecommunications equipment. Bulk deliveries in the Airborne ASUV "Andromeda-D" is expected to start from next year.

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