With the Marines held the doctrine of the Northern Fleet on mountain range

With the Marines held the doctrine of the Northern Fleet on mountain range

With an air assault company of the regiment sea Corps of the Northern Fleet (NF) reinforced mortar battery held company tactical teaching on mountain range. Acts Marines supported sea aviation SF.

"According to legend, the exercise being one of the final steps of the winter training period, amphibious assault company was doing puzzles to prevent the breakout of armed terrorist groups in the amount of up to 150 people — said the acting deputy regiment commander Lt. Col. Radik Lassynov. — With high quality personalized training of personnel, intense combat training squad and platoon in the winter training period, at the first step of the teachings of artillery affected more than 90% of targets prepared in advance on the range and located at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 million m ".

The peculiarity of the doctrine was that it carried out the role of the Northern Fleet naval fighter aircraft. On the target designation reconnaissance platoon Marine Corps Two Su-33 delivered a missile and bomb strikes on simulated enemy forward positions. Then he opened fire crews focused BTR-80, mortars and automatic grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame".

As a result of tactical exercise air assault company of a separate regiment sea SF infantry was rated "excellent." In anticipation of the battalion tactical exercise with landing tactical air and sea assault on unequipped coastline, the Marines are to continue a rich combat training in the units.

Work closely with the strike force sea Aviation SF has become commonplace for members of the single shelf Marine Corps, stationed in the Arctic. Compared with 2009, the intensity of joint exercises has increased almost threefold.

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