Wreath Memory: Valery Rubinchik


Valery Rubinchik

The sad news came from Moscow, where he died 71 Valery Rubinchik. One of the most reputed filmmakers last twenty years have not been in demand at home and taught at the Russian Institute of Cinematography.

He was born April 17, 1940 in Minsk in a family of intellectuals. After graduating from the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute, he went to study in Moscow All-Union State Institute of Cinema. After graduating film director, he returned home and worked from 1969 to "Belarusfilm."

70-80s — it was a time of outstanding personalities in the Belarusian cinema — says film critic Alla Bobkov — Turov, fishermen in Nikiforov, Dob. But even among such talents Rubinchik stood out.

"Valery Rubinchik — one of those who made the Belarusian cinema what he wanted. He's not as many tapes did, but what he did, it is very proper operation, and almost every picture has its artistic value. He was a Stoic, he never crossed a threshold beyond which started nesumlennasts in art. "

For years, a friend of the director Valery Rubinchik Victor Dashuk. The role and place of a member of the Belarusian cinema he rates very highly.

And he's still somehow a screen that officialdom would like ripping his hands and stared into space.

"His work is very isolated from this so-called socialist realism. He was a man even at that time the European creative thinking. The system that existed in those days, we were oppressed, suffocated, we were not only under external and internal censorship and order what happened around, but it's still somehow a screen that officialdom would like ripping his hands and stared into space. "

Valery Rubinchik took on "Belarusfilm" more than 20 films. His last film, shot on the Belarusian material, but in Moscow, was "Boris the fence." The most famous of his paintings was the "Wild Hunt of King Stach" (1979) on the historical novel by Vladimir Karatkevich. With it, he traveled to many international film festivals and received the Jury Prize for her film festival in Montreal. This tape, along with a "crown of Sonnet" and some other possible film critic Andrew Rosinskiy call Valeria Rubinchik poet Belarusian cinema.

"Subtle kinapaetam, creators kinasanetav, a man with a unique view of the author, melancholic, lace, transparent, airy, creators of poetic worlds, is copyright, is his own, and at the same time, there is a general, a man who filmed" The Wild Hunt of King Stach " that went all Encyclopedia "terrible" movie, the man who created the amazing kinapaemy of our time, of our reality and kinarealnasts. Life as a cinema and cinema as life — that's what he did. "

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