WWF hopes to resolve the conflict over the national park Khibiny in early 2013

 The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia on the eve of the day celebrated on January 11 reserves hopes that the prolonged conflict that is the plan of construction of the road near future national park "Khibiny" in Murmansk region, will be settled at the beginning of 2013, the fund reported .

According to the concept of protected areas in Russia Khibiny in 2015 will create a national park of the same name. At the same time near the site of the future National Park is preparing for the development of apatite-nepheline deposit Partomchorr, which is located in one of the most visited valleys — Kuniyok. In 2012, the conflict did not abate over plans by the "North-Western Phosphorous Company" (NWPC) to pave the way for industrial mines, which can go up to the borders of the national park, or even split it into two areas depending on the final plan of the building.

"We look forward to a positive outcome, we hope that a compromise will be found … While traffic, alas, no no. Towards MNRE expert working group, which includes experts from MSU, senior professionals that need to be assessed. Very soon while we are waiting for their report. When we get the report, then, hopefully, we can begin to develop a compromise solution, "- said the head of the Barents Sea branch of WWF Russia Oleg Sutkaytis.

WWF has previously stated that the construction of the road, even in close proximity to the reserved area can kill the ecosystem, then the creation of the national park on the land would be impossible. Well as the construction in the area, according to environmentalists, threatens species listed in the Red Data Book of the federal example, Maca Lapponian.

At the same time, the Ministry of Natural Resources, which is subject to the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use, in April 2012, declared inadmissible laying dorogpo National Park area of the future and the willingness to accelerate work on its creation.

Khibiny Mountains are the most easily accessible mountain area for the residents of the European part of Russia, so that, according to experts, in the mountains each year is 40-50 thousand tourists (excluding visitors ski resorts) from different regions of Russia and other countries. This figure is unattainable for the majority of long-existing national parks in Russia, located mainly in remote areas of the country.

Day of national parks in Russia is celebrated on January 11 every year since 1997 on the initiative of WWF and the Wildlife Conservation Center. It was January 11, 1917 in the north-eastern shore of Lake Baikal was created oldest Russian Barguzin reserve. The purpose of its creation was to restore the number of sable.

Today in Russia there are 102 reserves and 43 national parks, and more than 12 000 national parks, game reserves, natural monuments and other areas protected by the federal or regional level. They are the only safe habitat for these unique species as the Amur tiger, the Amur leopard, snow leopard, and White-naped crane many others.

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