Zaleski: January — is a month when everyone sobered after the holidays

In March, people will get a period of apprenticeship in February with new figures for utility services.

Tariffs imposed by the Council of Ministers of February 4, number one hundred thirty-eighth in February tariffs for housing and communal services increased.

According to the economist Michael Zaleski:

"I think that's all our country done by accident. Maybe someone something and calculate, but if we made people breaking limbs to express political dissent, none of the rent will not be messing around.

Do not get hung up on numbers of rent. It is necessary to focus on the earnings figures. Increase will go. And that's what it will be compensated — is another matter.

In globally is increasing — this is a common trend. We can respond in two ways. Either we save on something, save and turn off the light while sitting on the toilet. Either we make. In order to earn money, be opportunity. A way to earn less in Belarus.

After the end of the financial year in the state may go some reserves. By mid-January, they were divided. Then it will be lending to the economy.

February — it's a month when everyone sobered after the holidays are beginning to work. A credit money yet.

Every time the government is worried if people would worry the spring. What will be the social reaction.

I'm a little stats for '20 Belarusian independence.

Every year we have two seasonal wave of social tension: the end of March — mid April and a few weeks in October.

But these waves restrain political or economic means in the country, no one is trying. "

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