Zlotnikov: businesses will not be able to purchase equipment

The government and the National Bank of Belarus adopted a joint resolution on the calculation of import of certain goods, in accordance with which prohibited the purchase of foreign currency in the domestic market for import of equipment worth 50,000 euros.

This is information department of the National Bank.

This measure is aimed at limiting the demand for foreign currency by resident entities that implement large investment projects.

Import of equipment worth 50,000 euros can be due to external loans and foreign currency loans by resident banks, which are made for a period of not less than one year.

The National Bank noted that this measure is temporary and will be in effect until March 1, 2012.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on February 25 2011and a meeting with the new members of the Government, according to the National Bank, "drew attention to the need for careful use of economic entities of foreign exchange, especially those businesses that do not have their own foreign exchange earnings."

Leonid Zlotnikov

According to the economist Leonid Zlotnikov, this decision is related to the fact that the National Bank's currency and the little he "does not want businesses were taken of the fact that currency to buy some equipment abroad. He does not mind that these companies were given the currency where they will find it. "

According Zlotnikau may be a situation where the company to pay foreign currency debt should will do new debt, even with a lot of rubles.

"National Bank is quite simple methods of trying to manage a complex economy. It did not work. Buy the company currency to purchase equipment, something good will and will not receive currency to pay debts. This venture will be a lot of money in rubles, but will not be able to pay its creditors. Simply put restrictions on the National Bank kanvertavalnasts Belarusian ruble and foreign currency at the Belarusian market. This may have unintended consequences. This may lead to the fact that will not be updated production base enterprises. They will not be able to buy equipment. "


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