2012: The real threat — its not what you say

Millions of people around the world are actively preparing for disaster, inspired by television shows such as "Doomsday Preppers" («survivalist Judgment Day"), a demonstration of pervasive social trends. One of the popular thesis used in the discussion of this trend, it was often cited the phenomenon of "2012." If you adhere to the popular theory of culture in 2012, you probably "kupites" on the Mayan prophecy about the "end of days", which supposedly predicts the end of the world December 21, 2012.

Obviously, people are concerned about, and instinctively attracted to the preparation, from which arises a legal intuitive feeling that society is on the razor's edge. Maybe there's something in 2012, but this is unlikely that you have heard in Hollywood productions. Perhaps this phenomenon is deeply rooted in human history, and passed generations who lived before us?

The real threat is detected in 2012, when you look around at a long history and society. Formation cycles, ups and downs, the ebb and flow of history, the study of these objects visible pattern.

Authors William Strauss (William Strauss) and Neil Howe (Neil Howe) commit the model in his 1997 book "The fourth turn." The book reminds us of the old adage, "There is nothing new under the sun" is really rooted in facts. Issues we face today — with new faces and a few different angles — the same reality, which is seen by our ancestors during the crisis of times.

"History is seasonal," — write Strauss and Howe, "… and winter is coming." "As a natural winter, winter ages can come sooner or later." Quarter turn "may be long and difficult, brief but heavy, or (maybe) soft. But like the winter, it can not be prevented. It should come in their turn. "

As a society, we are sensitive to the upcoming winter and (hopefully) have been prepared, respectively, as well as previous generations did during their crisis. The government, of course, is preparing for a massive upheaval in time for the arrival of the "Fourth Turning". As Strauss and Howe found the results of this season of radical changes potentially damaging to us.

What a turn?

History consists of ups and downs. During takeoff, governments and institutions shape values, and they are installed and distributed. Another generation is born, these institutions are being questioned and undermined. Then came the era of "unraveling." As Strauss and Howe wrote: "Supply and demand of public order are reduced. This autumn quadrant cycle of centuries, when the vines bask, fruit spoil, leaves fall, and with respect to the basics of life there again."

Worldly life is divided into four "seasons", the culmination of a crisis — it's average life span is large, after which there is social "reset." Fourth rotation occurs when the issues that have reached the boiling point, hesitating for years to explode. "Sublimated fear … is an actual "world goes to" the fourth turn. "

The famous "fourth turning" of the past include: The War of the Roses (1459-1487), the American Revolution (1773-1794), Civil War (1860-1865), the Great Depression, World War II (1929-1946)

Strauss and Howe explained that while the end result of the "Fourth Turning" is very difficult to predict, it triggers are much more visible. This is possible because the problem is the spring, and they pursue the company within a few years to "turn."

The authors accurately predicted in 1996 that one of the triggers for the "Fourth Turning" America today is:

"Impasse" with the federal budget, the achievement of "dead spots". President and Congress refuse to back down, causing an almost total paralysis in government. President declares emergency powers. Congress to remove him from power. Dollar and bond prices' will fall. " The president would face non-payment of pensions. Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. Default looms. Wall Street panic. "

When Congress will face a "budget cliff", this prediction will come true. In addition, Strauss and Howe said that "If the foreign company will also appear in" The fourth turn ', it can accelerate the chain reaction. " The unrest around the world, from the "Arab Spring" to the movement «Occupy», (both were expected and operated establishment) seem to show that many parts of the world can enter the "fourth turning" at about the same time.

Based on the stories, weather Strauss and Howe, written in 1996, states:

"Next" fourth turning "should begin shortly after the new millennium, the zero in the middle of the decade. Around 2005, a sudden spark will catalyze crisis sentiment. Remains of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will explode. Actual difficulty of accessing the land, with severe disasters that can include problems of classes, races, nations and empires. very survival of the nation is threatened. Shortly before 2025, America will pass through a great gate of history, commensurate with the American Revolution, the Civil War, and two disaster — the Great Depression and World War II. "

"The fourth turning" in the past made many people proclaim that "the end of the world" is near. This "turn" brought the same manifestations of mentality.

Strauss and Howe noted that while the laws have been throughout history, the future can not be written in stone. Generation solutions can drastically affect the outcome of the "turning point."

If this is not the end of the world, you can use the new opportunity to study the present example, no doubt, the big changes taking place. On the other hand, will have the opportunity to build something new, we hope, built on a solid foundation. Let the best way of mankind is light. Future generations will emulate people who are going through this crisis. Let's will submit a worthy example.

by Daniel Taylor.

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