30 incredible prophecies for 2013

A longtime friend of editorial "KP", Krasnoyarsk physicist Paul Poluyan suddenly decided he could predict the future. And their predictions shares with readers the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Check it out at the end of 2013?

1. Continue anti-corruption perturbations: all who have caught, sit under arrest will be two of the governor and a minister. Corruption investigations and trials will lead to the confiscation of the property purchased by uvorovannyh funds. At the suggestion of President Vladimir Putin seized homes, land and vehicles will be sent to orphanages family.

2. Russia will leave several reputable now oligarchs. Maybe time to go and D. If you do not have time — would be arrested for fraud and tax evasion.
Accordingly, there will be a change in ownership of some major assets formerly owned by the state: there will be significant restrictions on the sale of foreign buyers "of our national heritage." In short, there will be something that can be called a "revision of privatization", though not in the communist version, and in a capitalist.

3. At the same time, the process of privatization of state property continue: dramatically increase the number of companies on the open stock market. On the RTS, MICEX will be a substantial increase in the RTS index overcomes 2000 points. On the Stock Exchange will be specialized platform, designed for the junior resource sector companies.

4. And overall company resources sector, mining companies will have greater preferences from the state — as a basic branch of economy, rooted in the ground, tied to the country's mineral resources. At the same time, foreign capitalists — and the Western and Eastern — will gain more opportunities to participate in the profits of resource companies in Russia through the purchase of shares on the open market.

5. In the U.S., announced that in the event of illness and death in prison sideltsev oligarch X. they include in the "Magnitsky list" of key officials of the Ministry of Justice. Meanwhile, some investigations on anti-corruption cases will lead to an international investigation involving Interpol.

6. Minister Sh will be open to position as the understudy president. His unequivocal statement will all understand that if that happens, "I will come — will not find."

7. Infamous P. nouveau riche suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. Confirmed — overdose.

8. In 2013 in Russia, unfortunately, will return this unfortunate phenomenon, as political assassinations. Will assassinate VIPs, Duma deputies, members of the government. I'm afraid that terror touches and one of the central TV channels.

9. Political terrorism will lead to tightening the nuts — will be behind bars W. and his entire company. Elite revolutionary C. will leave Russia. But the well-known opposition leader N. does not leave, come out unscathed (though his reputation wrestlers remain in the past.) Leave Russia forever and journalist P. — Dumb bald.

10. There will be two man-made disasters — in the Urals and Siberia. One of them would be a diversion. The damage will be significant, but will cost almost no casualties.

11. Against the background of these man-made disasters production dramatically highlighted the large metropolitan fire theater, where, unfortunately, will be casualties. We have fried rooster beak scratched.

12. Russia's cooperation with China will expand dramatically — we will see it on the news media, where news from South-East Asia seriously will press European-American content. And on the Internet, we note an increase of spam from China. In addition, China surprised the world by pushing the netbook market and planchette, standing several times cheaper than now.

13. The Russian defense industry is also preparing a sensation — it will show at the Moscow International Air Show in August 2013.

14. Will reform the patent legislation, aimed at facilitating the patenting and the capitalization of the Intellectual Property. Thunder to the world innovative domestic developments. In particular, it means stopping internal bleeding — in the recipe Siberian healer Grigory Rasputin.

15. Will create the state corporation "Siberia-East" with a bigger budget and more rights. Will also state corporation "Eurasian project." Both the corporation will be created in the forms of holding — in the form of management companies, leading garlands of the shares on the open stock market.

16. Russia has emerged and begun to develop new industry — airship. Accordingly, will increase demand for the inert gas helium, which will lead to reopening geliysoderzhaschih gas fields in Eastern Siberia and the development of relevant industries. In response, there will be modular airships — flying rigs, which will intensify the exploration for oil and gas.

17. Begin designing subglacial exploration vessels — based on converted submarines. The vessels will be of two types: long subs for seismic exploration using electromagnetic pulse sources of elastic waves, as well as submarines, sitting down on the floor and equipped with facilities for underwater drilling.

18. Will mark the first point of conflict in the Arctic zone. The Ministry of Defence will begin the formation of Arctic forces quick response.

19. Were domestic movies, Adventure, talked about the future struggles in the Arctic and Antarctic. In the domestic film there fashion historical epic and soap operas.
In particular, it will start shooting films on subjects of historical art paintings. Will be screened painting by Vasily Surikov "Strelets'execution Morning" and "The Conquest of Siberia by Yermak" (will be released in rent in 2014.)

20. There will be a renaming streets of Russian cities, bearing the names of Bolshevik revolutionaries responsible for the terror.
Simultaneously occur reconstruction of the Mausoleum in Red Square, as a result of which he will become not the tomb of the leader, and the mausoleum of the revolution — the main hall of the necropolis, which will provide information about all the graves in the Kremlin wall and around it. Lenin's body be buried immediately — closed granite slab.

21. Will sign important documents that secure alliance between Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (especially in the military field).

22. Saving mode in the EU would reduce scientific programs, the audit of the Large Hadron Collider and as a result, has stopped.
One of the most influential European politicians utter the phrase that will go down in history: "We have no money to finance the latter-day scholastic mathematical fantasy!" Will gradually be removed from the concepts of physics "dark matter" and "dark energy."

23. Fugitive oligarch Boris is arrested in London on an Interpol agent — he will be in the hands of the English justice and the dock. The climate in the UK will be hard at all — the unprecedented cold spells lead to the death of tropical plants in the city parks of London. Thames freeze.

24. Due to the revision of the investment ratings of several countries in Western markets happen to a drop in prices, but not very much.
However, shares fall heavily IT-known U.S. company. Against the background of the epidemic (for some unknown infection) scandal breaks out with one European pharmaceutical corporation. Begin an investigation of the pharmaceutical intelligence, conducting illegal experiments on humans and suiting artificial stuffing infections.

25. Are genetic markers that detect artificial modifications of certain pathogens. Be able to prove that certain infections (such as encephalitis) were created as a biological weapon.
Complex is found genes responsible for phenotypic expression of homosexuality, it will be possible in the early stages of pregnancy to determine homosexual orientation future son — in the case of his birth. (However, this finding does, maybe not in 2013, and later.)

26. In the U.S. in 2013, will flare up proceedings relating to the new data that shed light on the mystery of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Another major scandal is linked to declassifying intelligence operations "Majestic-12", which dealt with the spread of false versions of the alien presence — to disguise illegal flights spy aircraft. Fooled Americans en masse will vchinyat claims his government.

27. Overall, the U.S. economic situation deteriorates, the dollar will gradually decline. Participation incidents with firearms. Become familiar pogroms stores. Occur armed clashes with the police, purchasing massive.
In the U.S., show up just two party "gangsters and embezzlers," will reveal the nest of corruption in the military budget of the United States associated with the financing of foreign operations and military bases. Will be People's Liberation Front of Alaska. FBI and NSA active. Will sacrifice.

28. Contrary to expectations, the price of hydrocarbons increase. Oil and gas corporations will pulse to development. By the end of 2013 the price of Urals crude oil will reach $ 130 per barrel, seriously increase the price of gas.

29. Higher oil prices will contribute to a fundamental factor — the Middle East geopolitical crisis of 2013. The region is rich emirates begin financial troubles, bankruptcy, as a result, palace revolutions and popular uprisings. Flare up again civil war in Libya. In Syria, power reformatted peacefully, and the rebels have to retreat — the world public opinion will turn away from them. But by year's end the military conflict breaks out with Israel and Iran.
Perhaps it comes to large blood bombs will be destroyed the Temple Mount, will use nuclear weapons. The conflict in the current year only starts, it will end only after the introduction of NATO troops in the North and Central Africa, the Middle
East — for the complete disarmament of the regional states and prevent the death of Israel (the latter will also be eliminated and the army seized nuclear arsenal). The result: the resources of the region will be controlled by the West, there will eventually supranational governance system that can be described as neo-colonialism. Administration of the Asian-African region forms come from European countries the ethnic affiliation.

30. Basic military upheavals occur, most likely, beyond the borders of 2013 — 2014. Foster peace and stability of the world order will contribute to the Olympics in Sochi and the Russian diplomatic efforts.

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