A giant crack appeared in the ice caps in Antarctica

NASA experts said on November 3, the giant crack appeared in the ice sheet in Antarctica continues to increase in the coming months could lead to spalling of the iceberg the size of New York.

The crack in the western part of Pine Island Glacier stretches for 18 miles (50 km) and reaches 165 feet (50 m) deep.

Researcher Michael Stadindzher of NASA said that the crack extends at a speed of 6.5 feet (2 meters) per day.

Stadindzher, who also participates in the IceBridge (long-term project of NASA, the purpose of which is to track the changes in the polar ice, by means of air — approx. Ed.), Said that when the fracture is completed, it will form an iceberg area over 340 square miles (880 square kilometers).

However, this is not consequence of global warming, said Stadindzher.

"We expect that this year or early next year as a result of natural processes of quite a large iceberg," — he added.

"There is a cyclical processes that occur every few years. Break off the last significant iceberg occurred in 2001, so in general you would expect something like that pretty soon "

"This is very exciting — to see how this is happening before our eyes"

First crack was seen in late September by scientists who tracked the changes in ice cover with the help of aircraft.

CTO Project IceBridge John Sonntag said: "In most cases, scientists do not have a chance to seize the moment when it begins something great, just because they do not appear at the right time in the right place. But this time — we've got. "

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