A North Korean soldier shot dead colleagues and fled to South Korea

A North Korean soldier shot a 2-own commanders, crossed the border and defected to the side of South Korea. The incident said the official dealer of Chiefs of the armed forces of the Republic of Korea.

Soldier crossed the military demarcation line in the western sector of separating the two Korean Demilitarized Zone DMZ at 12:10 local time and four Minutka released in placing the South Korean border post. At this point, he was without guns. Shortly before This South Korean patrol heard 6 shots, ITAR-TASS reported.

Before detention of soldiers used loudspeakers to ensure that the intention of the defector to the side of the South, then took him to the placement of parts.

During the interrogation, the investigators North Korea soldier, military rank was not disclosed, has confirmed that before escape he shot his own platoon commanders and company. At the moment, the military counter-intelligence and representatives of the State Intelligence Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan are investigating the events of escape.

South Korean border guards have also confirmed that North Korean soldiers have brought on their own post of the two bodies. Posts northerners and southerners share of only 500 meters.

After that, the South Korean state of emergency side strengthened monitoring the situation, but on the northern side of the border is not seen nothing unusual byloyu

Shoots through the DMZ, which is one of the most highly fortified borders in the world, there are, according to a Joint Chiefs of Staff, "very rarely." In the last case where a fighter defected North Korea crossed the inter-Korean border in its eastern sector, occurred in March 2010.

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