A sensational interview with a Russian officer — a military adviser to Muammar Gaddafi

A sensational interview with a Russian officer - a military adviser of Muammar Gaddafi

Chechnya. January 9, 1995. On the basis of federal troops Hankala flies GAZ-66, "shishiga." Tarpaulin broken shards. Behind the wheel of an unshaven major. "Shishiga" slows near the field hospital. In the body of the wounded soldiers … So we met with the then Major Guard detachment of special purpose Ilya Korenev. Later met many times. Both Moscow and the Caucasus.

So when he called in August of Libya, was not a huge surprise. The work was. In fact, he spent the next six months, with Colonel Qaddafi and his family. Ilya has already spent a week in Latin America for treatment: wound, contusion in the Libyan desert near the border with Algeria.

The trip through the "caravan"

— How did you get into Libya? Our homeland is not officially provide support for Gaddafi.

— The trip was discharged in the spring of this year in Algeria, in the trade mission. But the main task has been to get specifically to Tripoli. By appointment through the Embassy, on the "caravan" I went to the headquarters of Muammar Gaddafi. Almost immediately we began to prepare the personnel of the 32nd reinforced brigade, commanded by Khamis Gaddafi and commands. Instruction and training to conduct combat in urban criteria. The fact that Tripoli would be impossible to hold, it became clear around June-July. Therefore began to prepare the personnel of the brigade to conduct armed clashes small autonomous groups in both urban criteria and outside built-Fri The focus is on commando training.

The soldiers and officers of the 32nd perfectly prepared. Some interns at SAS, France. But in Libya highly respected Russian military school.

Strategy of Engagement formed small groups of guerrillas into a sublime experience and the Russian — Chechen Republic. Small groups — 20-30 people attacking military convoys, mine the area and after committing sabotage depart in non-hazardous areas.

— You say "we"? We — that's our home, or you're talking about someone else who was with you in Libya?

— Of course, I was not alone there. All I can say at this time, our guys Gaddafi is. As of the of, in the main retired officers, abbreviated from the Russian army, and specialists from the former Soviet republics.

— You did not answer — why you were sent to Tripoli, when Russian authorities officially declared — Gaddafi must go?

— Who can deny a senior bureaucrat to bring the slave in Algiers on a business trip? For example, in the band of military-technical cooperation? What kind of input are given orally in the office, it's not for whose ears are not intended. My work is evaluated by results, not by planning and timely reports.

Masters understand that the attack on Libya — is part of the planned actions. Follow-up: Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Central Asia and our homeland. Principal, in what sequence. Our homeland but most likely is the most recent. As long as it is surrounded by unfriendly to her puppet regimes, radar, military bases, strongly contribute to the growth of corruption and dissent inside the country.

— After this trip you stay in the service?

— I've already sent a report on the dismissal. I know that you have asked a private matter. Obviously not for merit. But the length of service and the apartment is. No family. Well vorachivatsya in Russia I'm not going to. This year, almost everything has changed, I made certain decisions themselves. Without papers I never cease to be military.

Brest fortress in Tripoli

— You say that it was impossible to keep Tripoli. What went wrong in the defense?

— This error is not in defense, but the assessment of the conflict. It was that Gaddafi lived in 2-parallel worlds. He did not adhere to such policies, as, for example, a favorite of North Korea. He does not twitch — the oppression of their own. But Gaddafi did not believe in the attack on the country to the last. Even in the middle of August, when applied missile and bomb strikes on Tripoli, in other towns, and he spoke with Berlusconi and Sarkozy. They assured him that the land operation in Tripoli would not. A couple of years back Gaddafi offered to make a strong defense system in its entirety. This could be done by some countries of the former Union. But he believed that these actions will only tease the U.S. and Europe. Repeat, and Italy, and France, and even England assured him that the ground war against Libya will not.

The mistake was also prolonged observation bribed Libyan officers. It was necessary to arrest them immediately, do not give impunity to spread contagion. But Gaddafi wanted to reveal as much as possible traitors. Indecision Gaddafi because of his personal views on the conflict was, incidentally, a factor that assured a high-ranking officers to take on a couple of million bucks and go over to the rebels. Imagine there is a rain everywhere have for you on the head stones are falling, and you voice — will cost a party will be held. Many do you convince to go for you? In particular, those who will be needed and the primary targets for the enemy. Human factor, even in Africa human factor.

— How you managed to get out unscathed from Tripoli?

— We were warned, "Al-Jazeera" and CNN. We have seen the footage of "victory" insurgents captured in Qatar. It has been clear about the scenery Green Square Tripoli in the desert near Doha. Know what they are. These shots and was the signal for the attack to the rebels and saboteurs. Immediately after these shots around the town of "sleeper cells" rebels began to set up roadblocks, breaking into command centers and apartment officers not betrayed Gaddafi. The port began planting the foreign troops. One of the wings did not answer. General Eshka passed the position without a fight. Gaddafi gave the order not to put out the fire with fire and retreat. Do not turn Tripoli into the pot, in which "grinding" and army units and civilians. Several hundred bombers refused to comply with this order and stayed to fight in the town, in an attempt to do the most damage to the enemy, to distract him from prosecution favorite and command. They still continue to resist. For more than a month in Tripoli, there are areas where even the Islamists do not agree well. It's their choice, it's their town, and I understand them.

The assault began. We left the house near the base of the Bab al-Azizia in a small house in the south of the capital. In just a few hours on a few machines left the city and headed to the non-dangerous place. Proved to be very fit — in the house were three in a row GBU — bunkerbasterov, heavy bombs. The machines were commonplace jeeps, there are no specially built for Gaddafi "Mercedes". For what lure to attract attention to? Although I niskolechko no doubt that Americans in almost all cases, knew where Gaddafi. But missiles and bombs flew back 5 minutes after leaving. They seem to be demonstrated to him that at any moment it can be destroyed, but so far, apparently, there is a prohibition on the destruction. In the Libyan conflict tremendous attention paid to information and psychic attacks.

— Family members who remained in Libya, held together?

— No, the Gaddafi family split up almost immediately. This is a more effective solution. Ordinary Libyans, they s
ay that if you do not Gaddafi himself back, then certainly one of his children. At this point, someone went to Tunisia, Algeria someone who is in Niger. But the boundaries are transparent. Khamis was in a suburb of Tripoli to organize resistance. Safe in Bani Walid. Neither the colonel nor his kids actually are not in one place, constantly moving. The most difficult problem — communication. Ether is controlled by the military and technical means of the 6th U.S. Navy, DIA and NSA USA. Because I could not risk transfer photos and video clips. It takes more time than the release of the "package" text disk imaging. But access to the web of happens occasionally, NATO knows about what we regions, and blocks any connection.

— Yes, the photos captured by the British fighter obviously not enough. How it all happened? How did you know that it is specifically soldiers from SAS, because the documents on military operations do not take?

— Photo will. The prisoners themselves and the fact that the public humiliation of the enemy army — it's arguments. War is war, and the table is always there. The more trump cards, the easier it will dialogue. It was a subversive group 30 people. Most of the army of Qatar, 13 British and the French. They conducted additional exploration in Bani Walid. Apparently, for the main force. But the neighborhood of the town did not know very well. The local said that the group gads about town. We were able to carry out the operation and capture them. Qataris were executed by the Libyans. They simply can not tolerate wildly. As well, they say they came to the house of a Muslim to another Muslim and killed his family? Because — "iadam" ("execution, the death penalty") and a point. British and French were separated, questioned and taken to the shelter. In fact — and they hide it? Recorded the names, personal identification number and the title of the photographed and transferred by an electric-mail to the address of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain and France. They offered to give them a fighter without any criterion, for example, anywhere in Libya.

By the way, the car from which the transfer was conducted disk imaging, was destroyed by a rocket in just a few hours when vorachivalas the city. In other words, broadcast monitored very closely. When Britain gave up its own fighter, we have considered the option to take them to Algeria. There to collect a press conference to show the world. I was in the same column with the guys Moussa Ibrahim, ehavshimi in Algeria agree on a press conference. A lot diplomatically difficulties in the capital would not have given to all the same, it was a frontier settlement pt. On the way, a helicopter fired on us. I kicked a blast from an open body SUV. Tuareg fighters have picked up and assist to carry abroad. From there, I got here on healing. Not that everything has gone according to plan, but alive.

— In the Russian Federation there is a threat from NATO and the U.S.?

— Of course. Open confrontation in the first step will be. The primary task — again undermine the Caucasus by means of structural Islamists omit the south of in the least, and a local, but a large-scale war. At the moment, to come to power in the Maghreb constructive Muslims. Militants from the "Al-Qaeda" and other extremist groups. And between Russia and the Mediterranean distance is even smaller than it was before Afghanistan, and of the mountain is much smaller and lower. United States it is profitable, Europe and the Russian Federation no. Abd al-Hakim Belhadj — the military commander of Tripoli, claims to be the first role in a new government of Libya. He is the first person the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a recognized terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

— Most candidates do not?

— There is. Colonel Khalifa Haftarah defector, who has lived 20 years in the United States. Past military arbitrator under Gaddafi — Muhammad Bashir Al-Haddar. You can say for the sake of brevity — Belhadj protege of Qatar. Al-Haddar — misratskih of oligarchs supported by France. Haftarah — bengaziyskih candidate of the oligarchs supported by the United States.

If Belhadj enter the government, and it will, it will take a global capitals. "Beautiful" — action, which is associated with our Caucasian underground, coming to the Kremlin, shake hands with the president.

Also, except for the constructive Islam in Libya is uncontrolled plundering of arms from the Libyan army depots. And the best part of this gun will go to the Caucasus in the holds of bulk carriers. From the ports of North Africa to the coast of the Caucasus — a couple of days of travel. It is a pity that those who are called to think about the safety of our people, not able to read at least analysts' reports of NATO. They clearly indicate that the illegal export of stolen weapons in Libya — one of the main problems of global security.

— What is unique about the Libyan war? How does it differ from the armed conflicts that have you been?

— Any war is unique. In Libya — is eclectic. Massive propaganda second world, burning areas, as in Vietnam, corruption and desertion, as in Iraq. There are also "Belarusian partisans." As in all wars killed an unlimited number of civilian populations. But the conflict is essentially unique. On the one hand, the Tuareg — warriors of the desert with Berdan rifle in 1908, and the Amazigh people with machetes. On the other hand — guided aerial bombs and laser-guided missiles, drones and reconnaissance. Real civilization and eternity.

According to the countryside, where there is a conflict, for sure, this is one of the largest after the second World War. But the number of interests, stir in the war, if not superior characteristics of the second World War, that is exactly equivalent.

Very serious sectors — is a psychological and informational. Constantly hanging over the territory of Libya South American airplanes special propaganda, dropped leaflets. Provocative stories "Al-Jazeera", BBC, CNN, Reuters and others are going through the coordination of NATO information center.

Other versions of the events, the operations of special propaganda — "fear and Fog" is more accurate slogan "Operation Unified Protector".

— What are the main objectives are at the moment in front of the supporters of Gaddafi?

— It's simple. Untainted mathematics. 100% of the population is always a 5-10% and 5-10% of opposition loyalists. Whatever is happening in a country like no behaved favorite ones are always going to criticize it, others will always be loyal to him. Neither one nor the other in fact solve nothing. Solve other 80-90% of the population, a world which can vary in that or other side. With the help of experienced provocation, bribery, propaganda through the leading western media balance has been broken. But the enemies of Gaddafi very much rocked the pendulum, with that same power it would be destined to swing in the other direction. And it certainly does not manifest itself in the military or the political sphere. I even said, not necessarily limited to the territory of Libya. So the main task of the adherents of the Jamahiriya — both in court — good confirmation and present arguments. There specific people. But all the heart feels fine. Who is a friend who is an enemy that is fine and what is bad. Problem in fact not even the military. The military is like a small addition.

On the military side, almost all will depend on the support of the rebel forces of NATO. In the main aviation and radio. When they finish, or at least reduce the number of sorties, as promised, and will end "push" broadcast, then kick the clowns NPCs in flip-flops will not be a big problem. With the radicals will be more difficult. There's guys prepared from Afghanistan and Pakistan. They can handle a gun. Well, t
hey have nowhere to escape, Libya alien to their country.

Perhaps at this point in the country will enter private military companies, which will be under the protection of pipelines and processing plants. Already have this information from Brega and Ras Lanuf. There Troopers tried to plant and to gain a foothold. So far without success. Because task will at least — to blow up these objects constantly. Protect them from missiles arriving from the desert — is unrealistic. In Europe should realize that any barrel of oil will cost them very dearly. As from the standpoint of dollars and of human lives. The guys from the PMC is also not idiots, they wrung such value for their services that support them will simply not profitable. A regular troops to arm stupid. Their other tasks.

— Who Libyans still support? Gaddafi or the latest power?

— "New Power" of power, I would not hurry to name. Naturally, the common people support those who give them work and food, and most importantly — security. In Libya, there were people who criticized the actions of Gaddafi, it's true. But it was a reasonable opposition to take up an instrument and cut people just thought none of them were not. And it was a minority. The new so-called authorities, and even more radicals can not provide stability in Libya at the moment. Well, do not fail in the foreseeable future. Since much of the same if not for Gaddafi, then for the "time of Gaddafi."

But in the East usually resolve all the power and money. If the loyalists will win a number of convincing wins, the people will support them. While several cities resist, and the country now and then occur daring forays Gaddafi, the people waiting at a loss as to what their "liberated" and why. Continues to associate it was before and after it becomes. And no conclusions do not like. If you will be put in the position of Sirte, Bani Walid and other centers of resistance, the public opinion is on the side of the new authorities. Because of terror. Since no other choice left. Developments in the region in recent times will be fast. Over the coming months emerges direction of subsequent events. In normal circumstances, the information support of the war and the success of the Loyalist victory will be all the same for the supporters of Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya.

— What now feel ordinary Libyans (not Gaddafi fighters, not rebels PNS)?

— The closest definition — they feel duped, beaten, raped, and — not free. Well, imagine for themselves, that in 1991, NATO began to bombard the Russian Alliance under the guise of humanitarian aid. And before end in the bombing, as the country stumbled against the capitalists divide the oil fields and factories, and constructive ass would start to break all the houses … Both would state that we will show to you how to live now. And the last would be added — do not agree — execution. People would be compressed into a self-preservation instinct, even for the sake of survival would have signed some papers and put up new flags, so as not to destroy, that gave rations to include water and electricity. People would expect the return of the army, gone to the forest, expecting to return to the times of old times. Something like this in Libya at the moment thinking. But because a lot of blood spilled — do not return to the initial position.

— Do you speak Arabic?

— "Maine aaesh Kuman Arbain yauman cap minhum." It is an Arab proverb — "Who lived with the people for 40 days, he became a part of it." If I did not know, do not be deported. Arab proverbs and sayings are quite entertaining. I am here not so long ago, another put in the collection, when about 100 rebels in the shales with AK and RPG bomb burst into the palace reception of foreign delegations near Sirte, the last thing they saw in their own life, was a big sign on the wall — "Aryan Al-tyz fahaua bit almiz "- the Iraqi officer saying -" Where are you going with naked ass, but in the officers' mess. "

— When are you planning to go back to Libya?

— After a few days I will have one of the adjacent states. The boundary of 90% is not controlled by the rebels. There is a connection with Khamis, and with our own. They expect.

Khamis Gaddafi: We will win or die, give up or run no one wants

In a telephone conversation with his classmates at the Academy of them. Frunze, the current Russian army officer Sergei Khamis Gaddafi gave thanks to all Russians to support the struggle of the Libyan people against the invaders. "AN" cite the words of Khamis Gaddafi completely, removing only the full name of the class-mate.

— Thank you to all of our classmates and teachers who were able to give me a small particle of the spirit of your people-winner, and trained to properly evaluate a combat situation, gave valuable combat experience and skills. I am proud that I had such a teacher, I deserve them — time will tell.

Thank you to all those who support us, being in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. And in particular — those brave souls of your people who have stayed with us shoulder to shoulder to protect my country from anger. We will win or die, give up or run no one wants. To die in battle near warriors — the dream of at least some patron's own homeland. In any case, to have friends of the Russian people — an honor for Libyans, and this is recorded in the pages of the history of Libya, Allah is a witness. In the words of your Russian song — "This land will be ours if we do not die in battle!" But Libya will always be ours, even if we die!

Almost everything now has changed in the world. Who would have loaf that all would turn out. But do you remember — specifically to that, we were prepared and trained. And we will survive this ordeal with valor. Whatever says the English / French / or South American newspapers and TV — most of the people we support. And we will not abandon them, will not allow robbery and execution. Maybe we made a mistake, long rastsenivaya this conflict as a conflict vnutriliviysky. And so it is. But our enemies are traitors carried him beyond the borders of Libya, sells to the capitalist-colonialists. I gave the order though by what means to inform the international community about the sins of NATO and the rebels to lay out the information after each raid on civilian objects and civilians, after each battle or executions over by ordinary Libyans and foreigners. I want to be sure that the Libyan blood is flowing at this point the river is not in vain that the world finally sees what are the UN and the so-called civilized West.

Our blood is not cheap. Neither traitor and indifferent will not sleep quietly for the rest of their own, I swear by Allah and honor the Libyan army officer. Reserved unto themselves, their families and their country. Once again, our friendship, Sergei, an honor for me.

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