A subsidiary of OAO Russian Railways Logistics sent a container train from China to Europe

A subsidiary of OAO "Russian Railways Logistics" in China YuXinOu (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. organized the sending of the first container train for the company Acer. The train with 41 forty-foot container with computers shipped from the city of Chongqing (China) on September 10. Travel time to the city of Duisburg (Germany) will be 16 days.

JSC "Russian Railways Logistics" coordinates the interaction of all participants in the transport process. Particular attention is paid to the organization of movement in the areas of transition from narrow to broad gauge railway (Article Dostyk, Kazakhstan) and with a broad to a narrow (Article Malashevichi, Poland).

"Attracting a new customer in the face of Acer, and in October, to transport on this route and plans to join the company Asus, is the result of work carried out by the railway administrations of the three countries participating in the single economic space — Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, — According to the General Director of JSC "Russian Railways Logistics" Pavel Sokolov. — Due to the active actions of the Government, Chongqing, and in coordination with the company Far East Land Bridge (FELB), carries out transportation for the BMW from Europe to China, the number of customers in the future can be greatly expanded. "

According to him, the development of this corridor and accelerate delivery of goods by 2-3 days on the route Chongqing-Duisburg will greatly expand the potential customer base, approaching the region, located directly in the vicinity of the ports.

"Another important factor — the reduction of costs associated with the positioning of containers from landing zones in the loading zone in China and in Europe at the same time — said Sokolov. — This is something we're working. "
The joint venture YuXinOu (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd, founded by the Transport Holding, Chongqing (CQCT), China Railway International Multimodal Transport (CRIMT), JSC "Russian Railways Logistics», Schenker China Ltd. and "Kaztransservice", registered in Chongqing (China) in May 2012

JSC "Russian Railways Logistics" owns 16.3% of the share capital of the joint venture. The main activity is the organization of regular YuXinOu railway container transportation route Asia (Chongqing, China) — Europe (Duisburg, Germany).

The company provides freight forwarding, customs, information consulting and other services related to the provision of international container traffic. The ultimate goal — the creation of a logistics company providing services in the format of 3 PL («from door to door").

Potential and existing customers of the joint venture are large international companies engaged in the fields of electronic information technology, manufacturers of accessories and parts, machinery and chemical industry, aviation industry, software industry, etc., concentrated in the largest metropolis of Chongqing.

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