About the future and the possibility of change. Information field theory

Some friends asked an interesting question, but I have repeatedly answered him.
They believe that if one sees the future, then what will happen — will happen in any case, because otherwise it would not have been visible.

Theory is true only in part, and then only in the form, assuming that the future of one-dimensional.
If we assume that the future is multi-dimensional quite possible to assume that changing the present, you can just go for a totally different course, and the future can develop in a very different scenario, and such scenario could be a lot of great, if not endless.
But the human mind is convenient to work with the one future, so we assume that the future and always imagined what a ass if in a dream — to be and what will happen.
But even in this case, one can not deny that it is possible we will not be able to prevent the future, but it is possible to minimize losses.

Example. Let's say a pile of people imagined something, say an earthquake in Bangladesh (pah-pah-pah), and they made noise which might scare a few people who are just in case bdili, sdasli tickets and were saved when it really happened.
What to do? There are benefits of such warnings, or it is useless? How to explain this case? The event took place and the people there had a ticket, but it was passed under the influence of disk imaging. The only explanation here — or herself infa also part of the future and a seer or we did right and for the future can be influenced. Maybe you can not change the global thing, but it is possible to change the detail or the contours.

The second aspect — such as I am. I read hundreds of thousands. And sometimes they say that I'm "guessing", "hit", "again a coincidence", "happened to coincide," and so on.
Reasonable people understand that the more matches — the more people trust me, so — if one day I will write — stands out drunken or sit behind the wheel, it is likely that a few people have done so, and do not sit behind the wheel.
There is in this case, good or not? And how to check in that case, I saved someone's life or not? Has the future? How to measure what could happen and did not happen? And vice-versa?

On this day I use the following thought — the future course multifaceted, multidimensional. There are a myriad of options that depend on our behavior now, but the future — this is only the projection of live streams, perceived our shell and some ester structure is built on the present and the past, everything is interconnected, and in all directions.
In addition:
We live in this world just yet included our consciousness. Sufficient to turn it off — and we have no future, no past, we do not feel run-time, the changes of the world until we are out of consciousness. And if we then include consciousness — we see the world exactly as it was at the time when it left our consciousness.
I often experimented with this and found that even a dream — there is a power of our live stream of consciousness from the body and switch to something else.

And as a result Science Experiment — this experience that I've done many times:
Before going to bed, I looked around the room, remembered where that close and asked to rearrange things when I go to sleep, and hard. A couple of times did not ask, but she Ingusya rearranged as a permutation — the best medicine women from depression. And when I wake up — I caught myself thinking that consciousness in the first moments of inclusion — not playing has changed, though I seem to know in advance about the changes, and lays the old program first and then includes the RAM, which provides an update. Some of this function is impaired, especially with age …
Our consciousness does not take much time to record a new reality, but this delay — there, he short-lived, but it is, and some people with time is very noticeable.
This difference reality tells us that we do not perceive the world directly from the senses, not the air, Life said body workers, but only as a stream of trafficked from operations and a long memory.
Information is perceived by the senses, including those that are not specifically studied, is deposited in the cells of all types of memory, and from there sent to the CPU.

At the time of disconnection of consciousness — we are in off mode.
It is almost as if you are chatting to, or refer to page and suddenly your computer suddenly goes into off mode, you touch the mouse — and again, like here, but the condition of all the pages — just as at the time of disconnection, and to enter into reality, you need to press F5 to update and …
So it is with us. F5 have pressed the default, but not while sleeping or sedated. And some of that is jammed. This we call Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis, etc. ..

Now let's see what happens in the world. Night falls plunges a huge number of people in the state of disconnection from reality. These people at the time of no sleep. But there are other people who are awake at this time. All information produced by them — is redistributed all the time according to these cycles — sleep, stands out. The spread of information waves affect the magnetic field, gravity, light, power, etc. .. different
Broadcast all the time in the movement.
We would be able to learn more about the dreams and the future, if regularly and extensively studied dreams, especially those people who go out of this world, or turn off consciousness.

They called the work will continue after the … I'll tell you about the dozens of experiments that I have done in order to understand — what are the future and that affects the choice of scenario.

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