Above 16,000 NATO troops work out ways to protect the Arctic civilian population (Helsingin Sanomat, Finland)

The Finnish company (215 people) participates in the ongoing Norwegian winter exercise "Cold Response 2012", the total number of units from different states, lured to the teachings exceeds 16,000 troops.

The huge military maneuvers conducted in the far north of Norway, the armed forces of 14 countries work out for the protection of civilian populations same scenarios on how they acted in the past year in Libya, and wage war at the moment against local opposition in Afghanistan.

"It would be stupid to not work close to the reality of the situation," says the Norwegian, Captain 3rd rank Per Rostad, who is an officer of Media Relations at the command center in Bardufoss.

Teachings "Cold Response 2012" began on Mon 12th March and will last until the end of next week.

The map shows the area of the exercise "Cold Response 2012"In northern Norway (Norja). Ruotsi = Sweden. Suomi = Finland. Nordland and Troms — a neighborhood in the north of Norway.

According to the description supplied to the participants of tasks, work out the deployment of troops and the introduction of the armed forces in the crisis region, on the basis of UN Security Council mandate, they must protect the civilian population.

In practice, "Cold Response 2012"This military exercise, the purpose of which is to work out the interaction of troops of different countries, as the interaction between land, sea and air forces.

On Thursday, the exercise was in full swing. All roads to the south of Bardufoss were scored military equipment.

Swedish troops arrived at the "Cold Response 2012 "under its own power, on its own BMP. Photo: MARKKU NISKANEN HS

Marine units from the United States, Britain and the Netherlands were landed to the west of Bardufoss.

Further south, the French battalion cleared the way for passage of the Swedish and Norwegian troops. In the west, the Canadian battalion was toward the positions taken "opposition."

Closer to the coast of the Norwegian Sea, the Finnish company of rangers, together with the Norwegian battalion moved north.

Of the 16,300 troops in the winter exercises, 215 were from Finland.

Military personnel of the Finnish company of rangers — conscripts, their company goes into the frisky deployment of international forces in the Pori Brigade.

The chief of the operational headquarters of Finnish Defence Forces, Lieutenant-General Mick Peltonen, said in Helsinki that during international exercises, the Finnish unit is subject to the rules defined by the organizers and makes them put puzzles.
The Minister of Defence [Finland] has approved a plan proposed by the organizers of the international exercises.

According Peltonenu as reduced the number of military exercises, the "Cold Response 2012 "- it is not bad practice from the standpoint of mining operations in Finland in crisis situations.

The bureaucrats in the Ministry of Defence stressed that all the teachings of Finland strictly follows its own laws.

According to the Law on Military Crisis Management to perform the intended purpose of the Finnish soldiers can use force, but they should not participate in any military campaigns outside of Finland.

Major Fegard Finberg of the Norwegian armed forces does not see limits set by participating countries as a problem.

He says that Norway has invited participants and the rules By enabling the use of armed forces.

For Sweden, the rules are not difficult, as the country belongs to the major participants exercise "Cold Response 2012".

Jeanne Almgren — Finnish-born captain of artillery and the Swedish Armed Forces in rank, came to the training area, south of Bardufoss, with his men.

He regards these teachings as a good opportunity to practice interoperability with the armed forces of other states, with the introduction of foreign languages. Almgren himself can read and in Finnish too.

Something like the cover of silence was thrown over on the teachings on Thursday after a report that the Norwegian military transport aircraft Hercules C-130J, who took part in the exercises, and which had on board a crew of 5 people disappeared from radar screens and missing in mountainous area of northern Sweden. The bad weather hampered efforts to find a place to crash and rescue survivors. In the picture — this plane is seen at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in late October-November 2011. Photo: HARRI KOSKINEN

Just the facts: exercise "Cold Response 2012", 12 — 23 March 2012

In the Norwegians held in northern Norway international winter exercise involved a total 16,300 difficulty fighter of the 14 NATO countries and the countries of "Partnership for Peace".

Not counting the Norwegian, the most enormous number of troops arrived from England, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Sweden, and the United States.

The exercises are participating 215 Finnish fighter from the deployment of international forces frisky in Pori Brigade.

At the operational stage of mandatory condition of the exercise is successful precise interaction of land, sea and air forces. Exercises are held in the vicinity of Nordland and Troms, their primary goal is working off "the highest-intensity operations against multiple threats in the winter."

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