Achievements APK Lipetsk region.

In 2012, the regional agricultural gross output produced by 52.5 billion rubles. — More than twice the result 2000. Farmers have exceeded the best indicators of the Soviet years. The determining factor was the rapid development of state support — the target programs in the region received about 3.5 billion rubles. During the years of active development of agriculture of the Lipetsk region spent about 80 billion rubles. investments, and for the next two years due to accelerated development to master the 40 billion rubles. 

The volume of agricultural production in the region is increasing annually by an average of 10%. In rural areas, much higher living standards, the emerging middle class, the head of department. Major role to play in the consumer and industrial cooperation, the development of which the regional authorities have identified as a priority for the coming years. According toOleg Dolgih, it is powerful cooperatives will compete with foreign manufacturers, especially in the WTO.

 Agro-industrial complex of the Lipetsk region will grow at the expense of the latest scientific advances. This reporterA REGNUMreported on March 26, the press service of the regional administration.

As the head of the regional department of agriculture Oleg Dolgih, Governor Oleg Korolyov set a target for 2020 to reach the industry to attract 150 billion rubles., Which can only be done through the introduction of the latest scientific advances.Oleg Dolgihemphasized that the main purpose of agriculture field — to use all the resources industry capabilities, raise the efficiency of agricultural production, making it modern, relevant terms used in the world of innovative technologies.

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