Active lifestyles and collectors

Lovers of outdoor activities today is difficult to choose the outfit. A huge number of specialized in the production of tourism products companies, with their own traditions and views on tourism can enter into a stupor novice traveler. Equipping young fisherman or hunter can fail at the most inopportune moment, if she chooses not to give enough time. There is another truth, not for all the obvious approach.

You can contact Army Store, located on the Internet. Military uniforms intended for use in all weather conditions. He was not afraid nor heat, nor cold, nor the humidity. Camouflage suits securely hide Hunter from a wild animal, but not alarmed fisherman floating on the surface of the fish. Military clothing is practical and can be used not only tourists, but also fans of military style.

Lovers of historical reconstructions also often have a need for uniforms and other ammunition, without which a party to the historical action does not look authentic. If you add to the form of such items as knives, personal protective equipment and navigation, backpacks and camping gear, it is clear that online store of military subjects is extremely necessary for all who enjoy an active lifestyle, good company and outdoor recreation.

In the online shop camouflage military presented in all its diversity. Fans of camouflage can feel part of the landscape and scorching desert sands, and in the forest, and steppe. Among the products in the store you can find models of small arms from different countries and eras. This diversity of weapons, uniforms and accoutrements of interest not only an enthusiastic reconstruction of historical events to people, but also to collectors.

The most interesting to collectors seem mass-dimensional models. These models fully consistent with real-world counterparts in size and weight, allow for the assembly and disassembly of weapons, descent and his hammer cocked. Often the weight and size models made of real guns, reduced to such a state where its use as a weapon is simply impossible.

Models of small arms were of poor quality, some parts replaced with plastic or wooden. They also give the impression of real, but, as a rule, can not be used as a complete tutorial. The cost of such a layout will be two — three times lower than the cost of mass-dimensional layout.

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